Guild Information
Guild name Ceaseless
Website Main
Forums Forum
Timezone CST
Language English
Server Type PvE
Realm Name Thog

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: Ceaseless
  • Guild Website: Main Page
  • Guild Forums: Forums
  • Main Time Zone: CST
  • Guild Leader: Tibador
  • Guild Recruiting: We have suspended recruitment at this time
  • Guild Experiance: Most players have been playing MMO's for over 7 years together. Most of the current members in AoC moved together over from LotRO.
  • Voice: Ventrilo is required
  • Server type: Thog-PvE
  • Age: Average age is 25+

About us Edit

We are a strong close knit group. We work well together and are the best at what we do. As a guild we push ourselves harder than anyother, and still manage to have a great time.

We have also started building our Guild City


More Screen Shots Coming Soon

Bios Edit

  • Barlow Guardian
"The Guardian is your meat shield. The strongest of all PLATE wearers. Your main tank."-Barlow

  • Tibador Conqueror
"A new chapter rolls around for Ceaseless as we begin our journey into the depths of Hyboria Also known as Age of Conan. "-Tibador

  • Crosus Tempest of Set
"I like beer." "Is basketball a sport?"-Crosus

  • Tuskan Conquerer
"I play computer games as a release of the daily grind of life. I enjoy blowing my money on computer parts, and working on my PoS cars. Single, and probabally will be that way for a long time to come. Been playing MMO's for years , since the first time i ever got internet. I also play alot of racing sims and FPS games."-Tuskan

  • Balmora Bear Shaman
"I am going to school for Video Game Design and work hard at what I do. I joined Ceaseless when AoC came out. I played World of Warcraft to level 60 and used to end-game raid a lot, I ended up quiting when Burning Crusade came out. I also am a HUGE RTS fan, and can't wait for Starcraft 2."-Balmora.

  • Antiphates Dark Templar
"Work sucks, thank God for MMOs"-Anitphates

  • Shawkin Demonologist
"I have been playing World of Warcraft for years and have three level 70 characters. I pick up on games very quickly and have been gaming since the NES."-Shawkin

  • Nihius Tempest of Set
"MMO's have been a large part of my life through the years, all the way back to Everquest. I am a huge Blizzard fan boy and have played everything they have put out extensively."-Nihius

  • Sorda Tempest of Set
"Just another game for Ceaseless to raise the bar in"

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