Guild Information
Guild name Canis Lupus Arctos DOW
Timezone central time zone

General Information Edit

  • Canis Luous Arctos DOW:
  • IRC:
  • central time zone:
  • Azeroth:
  • Graccus and Carner
  • Mercenarie for hire guild(PvE, PvP, Raid, Other):
  • Guild ingame city is located in Poitian instance 18:
  • Teamspeak2 server servername and then register
  • Recruiting new members apply threw our website or in game email and applications:
  • Omm server:
  • PC and Xbox 360
  • 18 and older only please "unless parent is part of guild"

About us Edit

We are a new type of guild to AOC, When King conan needed more firepower to help protect hyboria all he had to do was find his merc guild for hire. only one stood above them all DOW or Canis Lupus Arctos the dogs of war. So come be part of the guild that will make history in the world of Conan. We have many things to offer our members.A guild website, 2 teamspeak servers,in game banks to store your extra stuff and a weekly lottery for our members.Our members are fun and willing to help out a fellow DOW so Join us and together we will take Hyboria back for king conan and rule the guilds with a iron fist and a sword in ther backs!

Canis Lupus Artos DOW

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