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  • Guild Name: Caliber
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums: Zone:
  • Guild Leader:Darkkris(Coucil is Darkkris, Logrande, and Konan
  • Guild Recruiter:Darkkris and Kanon
  • Roleplay: Not our main focus but it allowed
  • Voice:Vent server soon
  • Recruiting members status:Yes( would like rangers and assassins for our specialist squads.
  • Server type:FFA PvP
  • Platform:PC for the majority.
  • Age:17+

About us Edit

<What does Caliber mean? We define it as, quality: a degree or grade of excellence or worth. Caliber is a Player vs Player (PvP) based guild for the MMO Age of Conan. We the founders are respectively skilled in the "art" of gaming so to say. As a hardcore guild the founders and members of Caliber are expected to be skilled in the art of PvP, and to be able to commit to rigorous hard fought battles that is to be seen in Age of Conan. We shall uphold and maintain respect amongst our server, and yet instill fear into people.

Guild Philosophy: "prevail or fail".

Rules: We do not hold restrictions on language in guild chat, but please keep in mind and respect your fellow guild-mates around you. We do not promote bad behavior, nor tolerate it if it becomes a common occurrence. We expect members of our guild to be active in game play and maintain a attendance to sieges and PvP battles. Applying to other guilds, while not notifying the council before hand, is highly unacceptable and not tolerated. In failure to do so any member or council member will be immediately removed from the guild, and any following guild they chose to apply to will be notified.

If your are interested Apply at our site and or Private Whisper myself(Darkkris) or Kanon and we will help you out. Thx.

-Darkkris- Template:Caliber

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