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Guild Information
Guild name Bright Lords

Server Type Hyperborea

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name:Bright Lords
  • Guild Website:
  • Main Time Zone: Central Standard, but we aren't picky
  • Guild Leader: Fromage
  • Guild Recruiter: Torngg
  • Guild category (PvE, PvP, Raid, Other): PvP
  • Roleplay: Light
  • Recruiting members status: We are recruiting
  • Server type: RPPvP

About us Edit

We are dedicated to the destruction of the vile Dark Lords, a guild so crappy that they suck, a lot, and they should be eaten by fire ants. So join us, if you also hate them, or I guess if you feel like you could learn (and it would be easy, since they are jerks that smell). ALSO! Torngg wants to build walls, lots of walls. This might be a problem later, when we have tons of walls but nothing to protect with them...but we'll cross that wall when we come to it.

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