Guild Information
Guild name Bloodfire Syndicate
Timezone US (Eastern to Alaskan)
Language English
Server Type RP-PvP
Realm Name Cimmeria

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: Bloodfire Syndicate
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums:
  • Main Time Zone: US (Eastern to Alaskan)
  • Guild Leader: Throttle, Jest
  • Guild Recruiter: Scylin, Cyrth, Jack
  • Guild category: Hardcore PVP, Heavy RP
  • Roleplay: Heavy
  • Voice: Ventrilo (private)
  • Recruiting members status: Open
  • Server type: RP-PVP
  • Platform: PC
  • Age: 18+

About us Edit

Don't let the url fool you. We are a US based guild who have been around since 2001. Our typical guild name is MirrorShades, however we go by Bloodfire Syndicate for fantasy games. Our number one requirement is personality, and a promise that no matter how poor you think you are at roleplay or PvP, that you give both a try.

We are heavy into PvP, and while we allow player killing, we are strickly against any form of griefing, verbally or physically. Guild chat is in character, occ designated by brackets. (())

Guild History Edit

There is no good, there is no evil. There is only now. We are without race. We are without gender. We are without age. All are welcome within Bloodfire.

Our founder, Jonas Bloodfire started his life as a simple farmer, but soon prospered. With his success came jealousy from others. He tried to live to live a good and honest life, but found that others in life do not live by the same code. His beautiful wife was wooed away by a rich merchant. His crops were were destroyed by a rival farmer. And his possessions were stolen by a gang of thugs from the nearby town, likely at the direction of any number of his enemies. When he was unable to pay his large debt, his lender beat him to within an inch of life and left him to die in the wilderness.

From that beating, his eyes were awakened to the truth of the world. He fled his home town and travelled to a port town. At the inn, he was approached by a pirate captain, offering him a place on his crew. Jonas accepted. At first he was treated as nothing better than a slave by the cut throats on the ship, but he learned quickly from them. He saw the power of force, the power of taking what you want in life. Within a year, and Jonas was first mate, and gained a reputation for fearlessness. Another year passed before the crew decided to split the bounty of the expedition.

Jonas had earned a first mate's share, enough to live comfortably for a long time. But hatred burned in his heart for those who wronged him so long ago. He returned to his home city, rented a room at a local inn, and waited. He watched those who wronged him, now fat and comfortable from the wealth they took from him. On a chance meeting he bumped into his wife. Fearful his plans would be ruined, he was surprised when she apoligized and continued on without recognizing him. He was no longer the person he used to be.

His first act of revenge was without cunning or planning, it was a simple matter of strength. He found the thugs that had robbed him and cut down their leader without a word. The rest of the gang was many, but they did not strike. They were afraid of the man without fear. Jonas, seeing they did not attack, formulated a new plan. He offered to be their leader, and promised wealth unimaginable if they helped him get revenge.

With the new band of thugs at his disposal, he initiated a campaign of robberies and thefts against the farmer, merchant, and lender. Next, Jonas set fire to the crops of the farmer, who died trying to stop the blaze. The lender, now broke himself, found his debt transferred to Jonas, who returned the beating once given to him and left him for dead in the wild.

The merchant, seeing the pattern of revenge in the farmer and lender, spent his remaining money on mercenaries to track Jonas down to kill him. They found Jonas drunk at a tavern, and fought him till the bloody end. Jonas killed many, but was cut down in the fight.

The gang, no longer a small time thugs, buried the man they had come to call leader and friend. In his name, they raided the merchant's home and killed him without mercy. They gave his former wife a coin purse and told her the truth of it all.

Now missing their leader, the nameless gang decided to live by the example of Jonas to free themselves from the rules and restrictions they had thought they were bound by. They named themselves the Bloodfire Syndicate in honor of Jonas, and continued his legacy.

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