Guild Information
Guild name Blood of Crom

Timezone Pacific
Language English

  • Guild Name: Blood of Crom
  • Guild Website:
  • Main Time Zone: Pacific
  • Guild Leader or Recruiter: Podo
  • About Us:

Our guild is a group of individuals that prefer how guilds used to be run before the invention of WoW-styled uber guilds. We want to be able to have the resources and strength of those guilds, without having the overly restrictive rules and requirements. We want to maintain a large guild, while still keeping our old-school philosophies. We envision a guild that is mostly self reliant, that helps each other succeed, and enjoys the game together. Guild events (such as drunken brawling tournaments, grouping sessions, etc.) and raids will be held often, but will not have required attendance. We have dreams of a glorious Guild City and Battlekeep. We will be very active in Battlekeep PvP. We plan to achieve all this without restrictive requirements by recruiting people that WANT to do these things, not because that is what the guild does.

  • Guild category (PvE,PvP,Raid,Other): PvP
  • Roleplay: Allowed, but not our focus
  • Voice: Ventrilo. It will not be required but at least listening is HIGHLY desireable.
  • Recruiting members status: Recruiting all races, classes, and prestige classes. Referral/Sponsor only now though.
  • Server: Tyranny

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