Guild Information
Guild name Blood Royal
Timezone PST
Language English
Server Type PvP

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: Blood Royal
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums:
  • IRC:
  • Main Time Zone: PST
  • Guild Leader: Areoth
  • Guild Recruiter: Veritech, Rezanon, Raytan, DoorKicker
  • Guild category (PvE, PvP, Raid, Other): PvP
  • Roleplay: N/A
  • Voice: Ventrilo
  • Recruiting members status: Currently Recruiting
  • Server type: FFA PVP (Tyranny)
  • Platform: PC
  • Age: 17+

Blood Royal in Age of Conan Edit

Blood Royal Guilds and Clans are dedicated to fierce competitive game play while emphasizing personal integrity, respect, courtesy, and loyalty. The ultimate goal regardless of the game is to become the dominate power through the uses of diplomacy, subterfuge, kingdom building, long term strategy, superior tactics, sanctioned events, online leagues, and above all individual PVP. The motto "Everyone fights, no one quits" is the guiding principle of the Blood Royal.

The Blood Royal guild within Age of Conan is commited to

  • Active and fierce PVP game play.
  • Building a reputation as a strong PVP and political end game guild.
  • Recruitment and retention of mature and skilled players.

Members of the Blood Royal guild within Age of Conan are expected to play honestly, treat opponents with courtesy and respect, be helpful to new players, and to be an example of the best of online game play in attitude and performance.

We are a mature guild, with mature members who value our online game time, we have no room for young children or the imature. Our members can expect to be a part of a strong online community with an established web presence. While we are looking for serious gamers who value team play and tactics, we also have room for the casual gamer, so long as all members fully understand that PVP is our goal.

PVP for Blood Royal will never be about camping in lowbie areas killing new players to make ourselves feel better. For us PVP is not about the loot, its not about the prestiege, its not about ego. It simply put, is the most challenging way to play the game, for no AI can match the ingenuity of another human being.

What it means to be of the Blood Royal Edit

The Blood Royal members must strive to embody the following attributes during game play.

  • Fairness and equality: A member of the Blood Royal does not seek unfair advantage over an opponent, it is better to fight against the odds than to have them stacked in your favor.
  • Respect for one’s foes: A member of the Blood Royal does not gloat in victory or curse in defeat.
  • Brotherhood: A member of the Blood Royal can count on aid from other members, and will always aid other members; successes and failures are shared by all.
  • Everyone fights, no one quits: This is the motto of the Blood Royal, regardless of the odds a member of the Blood Royal will never give up, never leave a fallen man behind, and never fear a battle.
  • Pride of Membership: A member of the Blood Royal is always a member of the Blood Royal; for each game they are a member of, they will always wear the Blood Royal colors/tag and will never take it off or show shame in wearing it.

When you wear the Blood Royal name you represent ALL of Blood Royal in your actions and in your words, NEVER give your brothers cause for shame.

The Blood Royal Community Edit

Blood Royal is a collection of likeminded individuals who have come together to create an online virtual community dedicated to a certain style and ethos of game play within the myriad of online games available. The Blood Royal Charter and specifics regarding the Blood Royal presence within various games can be found here. The Blood Royal Community is not concerned with any particular game, but rather the overall Blood Royal membership, the friends of members, and the maintenance of a site that links various Blood Royal guilds, clans, associate organizations, and interests together.

Established in November of 2005, is the heart of the Blood Royal community. It provides a community forum for Blood Royal members, friends, associates, opponents, guests, and interested parties to come together to share ideas, discuss games, or simply to stay in touch and socialize. Within the community forum, you will find sub forums dedicated to various games that have an official Blood Royal presence in the form of an in-game guild or clan. Each of these sub forums serve as a nexus for activities and concerns related to that game. As the community grows, new games get added. When a member gets tired or burnt out in one game they can move on, be it as a infrequent visitor to the forums or a member of several other Blood Royal games at once.

While created to provide services to the members of Blood Royal guilds and clans, the Blood Royal community also serves as a home to non-members, many who have been a part of the community from the beginning. The contributions and presence of this segment of the population are a direct testimony to the successful establishment of a healthy and secure online gaming community.

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