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Guild Information
Guild name Blood Ravens
Timezone CST
Language English
Server Type PVE
Realm Name Zug

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: Blood Ravens
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums:
  • IRC:
  • Main Time Zone: CST 7pm - 11pm
  • Guild Leader: Xador
  • Guild Recruiter:
  • Guild category: PvE, Raid, Social
  • Roleplay:
  • Voice: We have a TS server not sure if it is being used for Conan
  • Recruiting members status:
  • Server type: PVE
  • Platform: PC so far
  • Age: 18 for conan anyway

About us Edit

Who Are We: • Initially formed from players that worked together (and still play) on past MMOs - WWIIOL, EVE, SWG, DDO, WoW, AoE, etc. • Many with PnP D&D legacies that go back 20+ years • We have folks of all ages from all across the USA and several from points well beyond • We also have several couples who play this game together – a growing trend it seems (LOTRO) • Role-play: Not much right now…but you may found some with hidden talent for it • Dedicated TeamSpeak server • Dedicated website and forums

Kinship/Guild Rulez: • No level, class or race restrictions for membership • Alts are welcome, too • Any and all players are welcome as long as you have a friendly disposition • Strong social aim - come and have fun with friends • We expect civil behavior to other guild members - have fun but don't harass anyone • Got a Problem: Feel left out/unnoticed, /tell one of our guild Officers - we will hear you out • For Major disputes: The Leader makes the call for any issues with members and/or officers

NEW MEMBERS: Membership is simple - join up, get to know us, and after 30 days if we both agree you like playing here you are a full member. Else we just agree to part ways and no hurt feelings.

The rulez are even simpler - play, have fun, make friends, and have fun.

Characters that go inactive for more than 4 months (120 days) will be removed from the kinship/guild. Exceptions/waivers will be granted by simply notifying the kinship/guild leader with a post to these kinship/guild forums or a Private message in the kinship/guild forums. We understand that real-life stuff happens.

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