Guild Information
Guild name Blood Bath & Beyond
Timezone Eastern Standard Time
Language English
Server Type PvE
Realm Name Zug

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: Blood Bath & Beyond
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums: Follow Link->[[1]]
  • IRC:
  • Main Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
  • Guild Leader: Council members
  • Guild Recruiter: Darkos
  • Guild category (PvE, PvP, Raid, Other): PvE / Pvp / Raid
  • Roleplay: No
  • Voice: Ventrilo
  • Recruiting members status: Yes
  • Server type: Player vs. Environment
  • Platform: PC version
  • Age: None at present

About us Edit

Welcome to Blood Bath and Beyond! We're a tightly-knit guild on the Zug server with an aim to have as much fun and kick as much ass as possible during this era known as the Hyborian age.


We strive to accomplish things like every guild. We want to conquer in PvE and PvP both. We will not be stagnant and will always strive to move forward. We will push to be a force to be reckoned with in PvP and a strong, accomplished PvE guild.

Hardcore or Casual?

We are in between. We are casual in that we have real lives, jobs, wives, children, etc and do not have 40 hours a week to play. But we are not casual in that when we do get together we will try hard, concentrate, and still do well. We will prepare ahead of time, get mats, form strategies, have raid sign-ups, and a regular schedule to raid with. When we do get together, we will make it count.

Time zone

We are US East-coast based. We will raid at times most convenient for Eastern time zone US.

How often are Raids?

Whether it’s a PvP or PvE raid, we will strive to raid 3-4 times a week. We will not make any raids mandatory or penalize people who can’t show up for any reason. We have real lives too.

Raid Policies

While we will structure each raid for the group that's needed to fit the strategy for that raid, we will endeavor to take members who can show up more often before we take one that doesn’t show up much. We will use a DKP system that rewards those who show up and put in the effort most often. We will not require any raids or penalize those who can’t show up. We will, however, fill up spots based on those who have showed up the most, so if you don’t show up often you might not get a slot if others who show up more are there. This is not to discourage you from showing up, but to allow those who have showed up the most to have first crack at a slot since they’re most likely better geared and more experienced in the zone.

Member Policies

We do not and will not put up with @$$hats. Sorry. If you decide you need to mouth off any forums and get into verbal e-thug fights we do not want you. We only want to have high quality players that are mature and able to have adult discussions. We want people to contribute whenever possible, make suggestions whenever they think it will improve the guild, and to not whine and complain if they don’t get their way. Simply put, play nice.

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