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Guild Information
Guild name Blades of the Tenacious

Timezone All
Language English

  • Guild Name: Blades of the Tenacious
  • Guild Website:
  • Main Time Zone:
  • Guild Leader or Recruiter: Twuan
  • About Us:

We are a pvp, pve and raid guild. All classes and races will be accepted as long as they live up to our rules. Your voice shall always be heard! Join the Blades of the Tenacious, and let honor and glory embrace you! in order to join our guild, please register and then fill out the group application on our website

  • Guild category (PvE,PvP,Raid,Other): PvP, PvE, Raid
  • Roleplay: Light
  • Voice: We don't have one at the moment, but perhaps we will get one in the future (most likely)
  • Recruiting members status: Any
  • Server type: Regular (world wide)
  • Platform PC

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