Guild Information
Guild name The Black Throne

Timezone trans-american
Language english
Server Type PvE
Realm Name Derketo

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: The Black Throne
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums:
  • IRC:
  • Main Time Zone: split between eastern and pacific
  • Guild Leader: Solace
  • Guild Recruiter:
  • Guild category (PvE, PvP, Raid, Other): We intend to participate in all aspects of the game.
  • Roleplay: We have a guild storyline on our website
  • Voice: Ventrilo
  • Recruiting members status: recruiting good players for needed classes
  • Server type: PvE
  • Platform: PC
  • Age: 17+ pref. if you're under, just prove your maturity

We are the remenants of Vonndhar Army of Death whom continues to follow Erlik, the Diety of Death.


We are originally people of Turania, the Kingdom of Valusian, Hyrkanians, Turanians under the deceased King Kull of the Topaz Throne. Vonndhar, noble born with the best education money can buy, despised the sedentary life and joined the Valusian Army. Having military prowess, charismatic presence, and unfaltering confidence, has earned himself Lord of the Black Legion.

Within the war against the Stygian of Set in the days of old, our soldiers were out numbered ten to one. We fought with fierce might, holding off the enemy from the Kingdom of Turania. On the thirteenth day, the Stygians begged for Set to grant a plague to destroy his opposition. Vonndhar's love was infected by by Set's deadly actions. In return for Vonndhar's Soul, Vonndhar pleaded for the assistance of Erlik. Vonndhar promised his servitude for Erlik's power bestowed upon his legion. Within the fray of battle, Erlik graced our leader, Vonndhar, as his Soul Reaper. Now being the representation of Erlik's might, we have become the Black Throne. Our muscles stronger, bodies more resistant to disease, and a everlasting life granted us dominion.

After the fateful battle against the Stygian of Set, our home of Turania was gone to plague. With a dead king and our leader residing in the underworld, the Legion was under a state of turmoil. Since then, the Nobles of the Valuvian people pleaded for Erlik's guidance once again.

Since the life of Vonndhar has been sacrificed to the Darklord, Erlik has granted the two aspects of Vonndhar's Power to two Noble Houses. These houses are headed by the only two mortal children ever born into Erliks dark divinity.

The House of Rage

The embodiment of Erlik's power. The Noble House of Rage represents the wrath of Erlik's Will. The power to smite his opposition with unyielding force is his gift to his people. This house is led by Dattebayo, second born and the most loyal of the three children. He is gifted with the swiftness of Erlik's mind

The House of Solace

The embodiment of of Erlik's charisma. Placing fear in the enemy's hearts and confidence in our soldier's moral. Being the foundation and the shield of the Throne, Erlik grants the Noble House of Solace with the inpenetrable might. This House is led by Solace, first born and most tactical of the three, gifted with the indestructible body of Erlik

As the houses are now head of the Legion of the Black Throne, arrangements have been made with favors to our clan from the Followers of Mitra. Erlik and the Black Throne assisting Mitra on many ordeals in the past, so the Followers of Mitra granted us a Keep from King Conan I to rebuild our kingdom in the lands of Poitain.

Now as our city once again rises, we follow the traditional rituals of Erlik.

For the warriors, we train based on the cannon of Erlikian teaching. We believe not only the body, but the soul must be tempered through Trial and Deprivation. Our method of training is to raise fearless soldiers, strong and smart, to fill our ranks. some say the soldiers of the throne are reckless in battle but every swing of the blade is planned and every drop of blood spilled anticipated.

The Worshippers of Erlik follow strict religious law. Teachings of the clergy involve forbidding non sacrificial offerings and public worship. As well as his most powerful followers that act as his vessel are forbidden to fornicate with anything other then virgin flesh. Although all these laws are in place, many lesser followers do not follow many of the religious law. Although, more steadfast followers are gifted with power that should only be possessed by gods.

This is the Legion of the Black Throne. Will you dedicate yourself too?

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