Guild Information

General Information Edit

Guild Information
Guild name Black Sun
Website Under Construction
Timezone EU(GMT +1)
Language Italian
Server Type PvE
Realm Name Crom

  • Guild Name: Black Sun
  • Guild Website: Under Construction
  • Guild Forums:
  • Main Time Zone: EU (GMT+1)
  • Guild Leader: Alexandra
  • Guild Recruiter: Arles/Kahrsus/Leorick
  • Guild category: PvE
  • Voice: Team Speak
  • Recruiting members status: Italian only. Currently looking for new members, all classes and levels accepeted
  • Server type: PvE
  • Platform: PC
  • Age: 18+

About us Edit

Welcome Traveller!!! I’m glad to present to Hyboria Black Sun Guild. We are an Italian guild born during the early access period on Crom server (PVE). All members are Italian or foreign guys that can speak Italian fluently. Our member community was born several years ago, we know each other very well; nevertheless we are looking forward to get to know new players and new guild members. We don’t aim to be the biggest or the most powerful guild; our main goal is to enjoy playing together in Age of Conan world. In our guild there’s no best player and everyone’s opinion is taken into consideration. Anyway we have a council that can decide when the community is not in total accordance. It’s important for us to underline that the guild is a group and everyone should play in the group; the name over the head it’s not a simple tag of ownership but it’s the sign of sharing our idea of guild. We hope to meet you in our adventures.

Arles Black Sun ambassador

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