Guild Information
Guild name Awakening

Language English
Server Type PVE
Realm Name Dagon

General Information Edit

About us Edit

Awakening is a guild started by a bunch of guys who know each other in RL and decided to hop from WOW to AoC. We are internationally focussed (english speaking, all nationalities welcome) and are setting up the usual things for the guild (forum, Ventrilo, site).

We are a healthy mix of ex-hardcore raiders and casual gamers all skilled or learning and up for a good time. Our goals in the game are to have a friendly guild of helpful people who can form a healthy community together. To this end of course we will seek to build a town and who knows perhaps even a keep in contested area.

Game wise we will go for both PVE and PVP. For those of the members that want it, raiding will be done at endgame but all will be done in a relaxed and friendly fashion. You can also expect a healthy number of members to be kicking ass in battlegrounds when we are done levelling

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