Guild Information
Guild name The Asurian Brotherhood
Website *Under Construction*
Forums Asurian Forum
Timezone GMT+1
Language English / Danish
Server Type PvP
Realm Name Fury

The Asurian Brotherhood Edit

An Age of Conan guild on Fury (EU) - PvP Realm

General Information Edit

  • Website: *Under Construction*
  • Forums: Asurian Forum
  • IRC: *Planned for the future*
  • Verbal Com: Ventrilo

Guild Roster Edit

Guild Leader: Riddle

Recruitment: Mullie

Officer: Caspian

Officer: Bhorong

Nationalities: Danish, English (Shows the nationalities present in the guild)


Recruitment is Open

What we are looking for:

- A Mature Person. (+17)

- A person that is dedicated to learn the game.

- A helpful person that does not care only for him/her self.

- A person that can speak the english language well enough to make himself understandable.

- A person that is online atleast a few days every week.

What we can offer:

A helpful and friendly community

Action and Adventure of the finest quality.

Structured gameplay and guild administration.

If this is of any interest to you, feel free to contract our recruit officer for more information.

About Us Edit

The Asurian Brotherhood is based on an idea for RPG created in 2002.

Most of us have a large knowledge with RPG/MMORPGs, and high experience with Guild community, both leading and administrating. We plan to not only be in front line of progress, but also to have a community that is comfortable to work in.

Experiences with online RPGs are: Diablo 2 - Neverwinther Nights - Guild Wars - Eve Online - World of Warcraft

Our main goals are the following:

- Create a city and running it in a profitable way.

- Be in possesion of a Battlekeep making it our main city.

- Learn to master the game in all its aspects.

Contact UsEdit

For information etc concerning the guild or regarding Recruitment visit our Asurian Forum

Best Regards

  • The Asurian Brotherhood

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