Recurring RP event

Social RP Gathering

Fridays at 20:00 (08:00PM) CET

Here is where we will be next!

Who we areEdit

Asgardian Exiles is a Heavy role-playing guild, which means we value immersion and lore highly. We also value  respect, consequence and helpfulness. A decent level of English is needed, as well as a certain experience in role-playing. But we are in no way elitists and welcome beginners and do our best to help players evolve their role-playing skills.

What we doEdit

We will always work towards being a friendly bunch, of all nationalities and style. Creating RP, as much as we'll take part of what Crom has to offer. People should not feel repelled by our rules, nor our somewhat strict way of playing, as its there as a safety measure to ensure the fun of everyone in the guild and outside it.

Guild Information
Guild name Asgardian Exiles
Timezone GMT +2 / CET
Language English
Server Type PVE
Realm Name Crom
Contact Asfrid

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