The most BEASTLY Age of Conan guild to EVER EXIST. Shout out to Akad, Osh, Shadow, Serekh, Pank, Safe, Wicked, Dodgeball, Krawnik, Allsopp, Louiza, Rizzo (The biggest whiner), The raid leader who took over after Akad left, The girl who liked snakes, That Romanian nurse guy (Forgot his name), Casca (Even though he cheated with that Mexican girl with big boobs), Illanian (Yes Ilanian was cool to me and was my pocket healer in PvP so he's in this shout out list). And let's not forget Replay... It wouldn't be the same without Replay because he was our live test dummy for PvP :)

Also shout out to the Guild Leader of Prophets Sugarspice, as she took a lot of us in when the guild disbanded. Really chill people. WHERE YOU AT MNTC? Anyway RIP Age of Conan. I had lots of fond memories with you all!

P.S: Furious wouldn't take me in because of that one Barb that I killed over and over again in PvP, had his feelings hurt, and was an officer lol. But I got in the guild anyway, the loot whore that I am with an alt, and I was the first person in NA to get 2 pieces of tier 4 armor back when it was impossible. Yes Furious, someone from Ascendant infiltrated your ranks and got in the progression raid :)