Guild Information
Guild name Aquilonian Mercenary
Timezone GMT
Language English
Server Type RP-PvP
Realm Name Aquilonia

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: Aquilonian Mercenary
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums:
  • Main Time Zone: GMT
  • Guild Leader: Deamos, Ghengis, Wsoran, Semiotep
  • Guild Recruiter: Apply through forum or contact guild leaders
  • Guild category: Mainly PvP, though of course PvE will be implemented as a way to get items and level
  • Roleplay: Regular roleplay nights of total immersion
  • Voice: None as of yet, but teamspeak is planned
  • Recruiting members status: Yes, any class and level
  • Server type: RP-PVP
  • Platform: PC
  • Age: No age limits, though a level of maturity is

About us Edit

The aim of the Aquilonians Mercenary Army is to a create a pleasant environment which allows for all sorts of activities to take place. It supports both the casual as well as the competitive participation in a wide variety of role's, organized in a game Guild. We hope you will enjoy your stay.

With role-play night's and group questing, plus blackmail (ie: your gold or your life... :)

But mostly as swords for hire, this gives us, as a guild, a fat income.

You must be mature and be able to take a joke

You represent the guild to the community. We do not want to look like an immature guild, which turns off the type of people we want to recruit. We want an environment where everybody is comfortable and can enjoy themselves and each other. Examples of immaturity are spamming, talking in all caps all the time, asking for things from others all the time but not helping others, begging too much, lying, being racist, and other inappropriate behavior. We also require that people aren't overly sensitive and are able to take a joke.

You must be able to handle “foul” language

Cussing is not an issue, however doing it constantly can get annoying. It’s ok if you are joking around or are mad or just for the hell of it, as long as it’s not every other word out of your mouth.

Treat fellow guildmates with respect

Each member of the guild is expected to treat others as they wish to be treated. We want mutual respect between all of our members to create the best possible community.

We believe in guild loyalty (do not join other guilds on our server

Players should not be joining any other guilds on the server we play on. Border Kingdom PvP is based upon guild ownership of battlekeeps, meaning that being in another guild on the server is a conflict of interest. We also want a guild that enjoys each other’s company and is a close group of friends, no matter how big we get. This will make us a strong guild and make it a better environment. A strong guild is made up of loyal members that help each other out.

No restrictions on age, race, class, level, or alts

This partially goes hand-in-hand with guild loyalty. We gladly welcome any alts or friends. Your race (in game and out) does not matter. We will not impose any level restrictions either. This cuts out grouping within the guild quite a bit and is a pointless rule. We welcome all. There are no age restrictions, however the individual must meet a certain level of maturity.

Guild rank is based upon contributions, not level

The people who end up getting promoted within the guild are going to be those that earn it by doing everything they can to help the guild. Whether you do it by crafting, teaching, helping, participation, etc. does not matter. Contribute what you can, take what you need. Return the kindness of others. We would like to be a self-sufficient guild that spends its money and resources within the guild as much as possible. Again, this builds our strength and unity as a guild. Those that make the guild stronger are those that go up in rank, not the power levelers. People that always refuse to and do not contribute will not move up.

Casual, hardcore, always on, sometimes on, live in the US, live somewhere else: All players are welcome

Though we would prefer that everybody wanted to and could play often, it is not a requirement. Players will only be kicked out if they have been inactive for a long time. At this point there is no set time. Please let us know of any extended absences that will last 2 weeks or more though, so we don’t wonder or worry. At some point we will probably set a time period for kicking inactive members, but a month will be the lowest I ever envision it. Being active on the forums despite not being able to play does count as being on. Though we welcome all, English is this guild's language. You don't have to be fluent but you do need to be able to communicate.

Leadership: Decisions rest with the leader and advisors/officers, with input from the members

We will try to do everything as democratically as possible. We want to please everybody, but it’s not always an option. We also do not want decisions to be too slow. Due to this there may be limited time for input, and the leaders will have to make some autocratic decisions.

Have fun!

It may seem like we are an overly serious guild with all these guidelines, however this is not the case. Every guideline is in place to promote the guild’s strength and unity. Our main goal is to enjoy the game and the company of our guild mates. Above all else, you must feel comfortable and truly enjoy being in the guild. Relax, kick back, and enjoy. If you made it to this point, read everything, and are still interested, chances are you will fit in very well with us.

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