Guild Information
Guild name Anarchía
Website Land of Anarchía[1]
Forums Forum of Anarchía[2]
Timezone CET (GMT+1) but covers all
Language English (but subforums in Danish, Norwegian and Swedish)
Server Type Regular EU-server

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: Anarchía
  • Guild Website: Land of Anarchía[3]
  • Guild Forums: Forum of Anarchía[4]
  • IRC:
  • Main Time Zone: CET (GMT+1)
  • Guild Leader: Josiah and Artica
  • Guild Recruiter: Free for all
  • Guild category (PvE, PvP, Raid, Other): PvE, PvP, Raid, City-Building, Role-Playing
  • Roleplay: Optional, but recommended
  • Voice: Optional, but recommended
  • Recruiting members status: Recruting new members
  • Server type: Regular EU-server
  • Platform: PC

Prelude Edit

Let me welcome you to Anarchía. This is the land where our fathers have fought for our liberty; and ultimately have offered us their life in sacrifice. This is the land where the sovereign, brave and free lives. This is the land of the great.

However; whoever will be free must make himself free. Freedom is no fairy gift to fall into a man's lap. Luckily, Anarchía’s freedom does not require support by a majority of Hyboria to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set sweeping fires in the cities of oppressors. The great men of Anarchía can't be ruled. The question isn't who is going to let us rule ourselves; it's who is going to stop us. The life of those who try that will be short and brute and will be ended without mercy or compassion.

In Anarchía we believe that death is better and a milder fate than tyranny. We would rather starve and rot and keep the privilege of swing our swords as we want to than live as slaves or domesticated animals. We all know that volumes can be and have been written about the issue of liberty versus dictatorship, but, in essence, it comes down to a single question: do you consider it a worthy life to live as sacrificial animals and to be ruled by physical force? I thought not.

So soldier, magician, rogue, trader, peasant, young and old, man and woman, unite with us in Anarchía! Your friend who speaks to you today will at that time be in your midst, prepared to shed his blood for liberty. My advice to you is simple: Defend yourself and your liberty by helping Anarchía! Let’s strike a lightning of fear in our enemies’ hearts and eyes!

Josiah, Noble Guardian of Anarchía

About us Edit

  • Five founding principles:
  1. We believe in individual sovereignty, greatness and bravery.
  2. We believe that any differences between individuals, whether it be in looks, opinions, beliefs or desires, only confirm our guild. Differences are like the admissible discords in music; they are a valuable part of our harmony.
  3. We believe in that all decisions regarding taste, convenience, economy, or even right and wrong, good and bad, sanity and insanity must be left to the supreme decision of each individual.
  4. We also believe that each individual must have the responsibility and intrepidness to take on himself the cost and consequences of his decisions.
  5. We believe that only when individual sovereignty and bravery are combined can greatness arise.

  • Requirements:

As in all other guilds, in Guild of Anarchía:

- you must be able to maintain a 100% raid attendance.

- you must be active in-game and on the forums every single day.

- you must have a stupid attitude and speak like you were a king in the days of yore.

- you must pay 100% in taxes and have all items expropriated at the end of the day.

- you must abide to whatever 51% of the guild decides to do in some trivial voting process.

- you must abide to whatever the founders wishes for you to do – even if it is to spend the entire day guarding some abandoned and deserted tower.

- you must address your founders as Supreme Lords of the Entire Universe and Absolute Rulers of My Pathetic Life.

- you must be 35 years old to play.

  • The REAL requirements:

NO! That’s not the way of Anarchía. Quite the opposite, actually:

- you must be able to maintain a 0% raid and event attendance – however you earn valuable grades, rewards and benefits by taking part in the planned and unplanned quests, events and raids.

- you don’t really need to be active in-game and on the forums at all – however you unlock special ranks and gifts if you participate in the in-game events and spend a lot of time on the forums.

- you don’t really have to have a certain attitude and speak like you were a old dude – we don’t give a damn as long as you’re having fun with us.

- you must pay 0% in taxes and have none items expropriated at the end of the day – we believe in private property and while you may donate directly to the guild, we e encourage you to get an account in our bank called Moneta and instead lend and borrow as in the real world.

- you don’t have to abide to whatever the majority of the guild thinks – you are free to make your own raids and events and we will try to minimize elections to only a few, important ones.

- you don’t have to abide to what founders wishes for you to do at all – our rules are almost nonexistent.

- you absolutely don’t have to address your founders as some silly lords that own you – to dismiss yourself that way is to spit yourself in your own face and we don’t appreciate that kind of weakness.

- you don’t have to have to be a specific age – we don’t care as long as you can play the game.

  • Extra information:

You might have noticed that we don’t demand a lot of you. We instead believe in incentives and encouragement. If the guild is not worth to participate in by your own free will, it’s not worth anything at all. Therefore we emphasize guild-related role-playing events, quests, raids, PvP, city building and traditional socializing. You don’t really get any benefits by just joining us, but if you take part in building of Anarchía, you can earn huge and extravagant rewards, such as items, gold and the ability to lend huge sums of money; and you might even get inducted as Guardian in the unique, exclusive and secret Order of Anarchía. The effort you put into the guild is imperative to the amount of fun you get out of it.

So as stated in our principles: We believe that only when individual sovereignty and bravery are combined can greatness arise. In other words, individual sovereignty and bravery are the ability to voluntarily contribute and take part in the Guild of Anarchía, and only through Guild of Anarchía can true and permanent greatness occur. Freedom of action, voluntary contributions and fierce opposition to oppressors and individuals who deny themselves liberty and responsibility are our trademarks. Guild of Anarchía is the home of the sovereign and brave and the enemy of the oppressive and weak!

  • Application:

Well, all of this sounds absolutely perfect, but how do you apply for a membership? Well, that’s the easiest task in the world – head over to our stunning website and register. A forum thread will then be created for you, in which you will be welcomed and can introduce yourself properly.

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