Guild Information
Guild name An Urgharda

Server Type RP-PvP
Realm Name Cimmeria


General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: An Urgharda (The Vanguard)
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Leader: Kargh
  • Guild Recruiters: Sokaris
  • Guild focus: RP with a focus on in-character PvP
  • Roleplay: Moderate
  • Voice: Ventrilo
  • Recruiting members status: Accepting new members. Apply at the site or send a tell in-game.
  • Server type: RP-PvP
  • Server: Cimmeria
  • Age: Age does not matter, maturity matters

The Vision Edit

He awoke with a start, the furs on his bed soaked with sweat. “You must gather warriors from across the lands, noble souls who will oppose tyranny and oppression at every turn,” the dream spirit had said, speaking in an ancient dialect of his people. “There is a growing evil in Hyboria and your clan shall be the vanguard in the great battle to come.”

Kargh, Bear Shaman of Cimmeria, rolled to his feet and walked naked out in the wintry air as he pondered the dream spirit’s words. “Another vision?” asked his loyal companion, Sokaris, stepping out of the campfire beside him, ready as ever to protect his Chieftain from any who might do him harm. “Aye”, grunted Kargh, as he knelt in the snow, scooping up a handful with which to cool his face.

As the two continued to walk about the camp, they drew odd looks from the Cimmerians, for they were an unusual sight to behold, a naked Bear Shaman, wandering aimlessly, lost in thought, with a Herald of Xotli from Stygia walking a few paces behind, eyes attentively darting from side to side, looking for potential threats. Being a stranger in a hostile land, almost all present were a threat to him personally, but Sokaris dismissed these – he was only interested in threats to the clan’s Chieftain, Kargh, whom he had sworn to defend at all costs.

One of the things his ancestor’s spirit had said in this past dream vision was especially disturbing to Kargh. “You must set aside past prejudices if your vanguard is to hold back the tide of evil that is flowing into the land. Judge each person on his or her own actions, and not on the actions of their people. Although our people are strong, you will need more than brute strength to combat the evil you will face. You shall need wielders of the dark arts in your clan or you shall fall. If the vanguard falls, then so falls all of Hyboria.” The thought of his clan employing sorcerers, assassins, and the priests of foreign gods caused Kargh great concern.

“People of other lands have different customs than the people of our lands. To a Stygian, dark sorcery is not viewed as evil, but is simply a way of life. It is no more evil to them than hunting is to our people. You must find those sorcerers who use their magic for good.” As he considered the spirit’s words, Kargh reflected on his companion, Sokaris - the Herald of Xotli was both a Stygian and a wielder of magic, but he was also an honorable warrior despite his unusual, and at times, seemingly depraved habits. Perhaps there were others like him who could be rallied to their cause. It was decided – Kargh, Bear Shaman of Cimmeria would gather the people of Hyboria to serve in the vanguard against the evil threatening Hyboria.

As they reached the edge of the camp, Kargh spotted his cousin, Cragnok, coming up the path with another stranger to the land. “This be Reynos of Aquilonia, a Priest of Mitra, an’ I might’n be as school’d in the ways of the gods as ye, cousin, but I be thinkin’ that Mitra sent this’un here ta help us!”

And so it began, Kargh of Cimmeria and his faithful companions began gathering brave souls from across the land to make a final stand against the evil forces that would threaten all of Hyboria. After learning of Kargh’s dream visions and realizing that perhaps this truly was why he was sent north, Reynos asked, “What shall our clan of brave warriors be called, Kargh?”

“The dream spirit has called us the vanguard against the coming evil on many occasions, so that shall be our name. Except in the dream spirit’s language, ‘the vanguard’ is pronounced ‘An Urgharda’.”

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