A Legendary Age of Conan Guild:


Server Name: CIMMERIA (RP-PVP)
Established: AoC Early Access
Name: <Amazons of Hyboria>
Leader: Atalanta
Deity: The Morrigan
Motto: Hell hath no fury Like a woman scorned.
Size: Approx. 40+ members
Guild City: Yes.
Recruiting: Yes. Send Atalanta a /tell
Voice Comm: Ventrilo 3.0 (private)

Amazon: Strong, fearless, and honorable society of warrior women. We are a PvP oriented guild that roleplays.

Amazon Code of Honor: Edit


"We do not hate all men – just those fail to show us respect as warriors or any who would prey on the weak. And you, thankfully, are far too weak to deserve to die on my weapon… but not so unworthy as to taste my fist.”

~Arreis, Bard of Amazonia

  • Recruiting status: Open to female toons
  • Server & Type: Cimmeria RP-PvP

"Men. Simple creatures. Hardly even that. We rule their minds, souls and hearts. Time to shred the Veil. They say its a man's world... is it, baby?"


We are the Femme Fatales of AoC!

The Amazons of Hyboria guild is the foremost and largest all-girl toon guild in the RP-PvP server of Cimmeria-- possibly all of AoC. The primary goal of the sisterhood of Amazons is to become a well respected and reputable guild. We help others play the game in an enjoyable manner. It's a guild created in the spirit of unified teamwork and comradeship. As an Amazon you are not alone. You are part of a Sisterhood.

"Rise up and come Immortal Amazons! In a sparkle of raindrops, rise from the sea. Grasp your swords and bows.... and look to the East.

Look to the distant view, meadows and gardens. Our Homeland, once loss now sparkles free. Rise, My Sisters, take heart and hands... And march once more to Amazonia!" ~Kissmet, dancer to the stars


-created by Syeira of the Amazons

Our motto is 'Quality over Quantity'. What makes the guild strong are its members-- helpful, considerate and most of all patient. At AOH we can learn from each other and grow as one. Such is the Oath we take.

Basic InformationEdit

General Roleplay: The Amazons of Hyboria are a group of strong warrior women come together due to war that has plagued the lands of Hyboria. We are the daughters, mothers, sisters and widows of war. Although from different backgrounds and realms, we've all lost someone dear or suffered under the brutal hands of man. Nestled deep within the mountains of Pathenia, we Amazons prefer to remain neutral by nature among the many guilds and realms of Hyboria. Reluctantly we answer the call of help by King Conan in these dark times and travel to aid him as an ally. Recruiting strong sisters along the way, together we will settle and build the city of Amazonia. We know the darkness and through our swift arrow and sharp sword shall we tear it and let the light of justice shine through. Time to answer the bells of war.

"We stand in the grey, watching both Order and Chaos carefully making sure there is a balance. The silent vindicators, awaiting for a slip-up. We are the battle maidens of war, and like the wind, we are everywhere"

~Queen Atalanta


We are Amazon.

We are blood and fire.

War on wings. We know the wind

and the song it sings.

For we are Amazon.

We are the mothers, Sisters, and widows of war.

Hell hath no fury Like a woman scorned.

We honor this truth,

and to the storm we cry!

'By my word I live,

And by it I die!'

For I am Amazon.

Guild Information

Timezone EST, PST, CST
Language English
Server Type RP-PvP

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