Guild Information
Guild name All Out Assault
Timezone Multiple (US EU AUS)
Language English
Server Type PvE
Realm Name Omm

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name:AllOutAssault
  • Guild
  • Guild Forums:alloutassault forums
  • IRC: #clan_aoa on
  • Guild Leader:Dasmich
  • Guild category:PvE/RvR
  • Roleplay:Optional
  • Voice: port 2411
  • Recruiting members status: Recruiting
  • Server type:PvE
  • Platform:PC
  • Age: Mature!

Basic Stuff:Edit

We are a guild with players ranging from casual to highly focussed. A multi-gaming guild, we encourage players who join us to take an active part in our forums and wider gaming community. Many of us are 30+ now and have families so we *do* understand if you aren't in game 24/7 or if you can't make every raid. Gaming is for fun.


All Out Assault started in September of 1996, we were a collection of 8 members who got together to play Quake 1 Death Match. We faired very well in the limited competition that we found to play against at that time. Not to long after that, around August of 1997 with the popularity of Quake World and Quakespy growing to unimaginable heights AoA truely started to see competative play, but not as a DM clan anymore, we had moved into QWTF (Quake World Team Fortress.... Yes, this was before Team Fortress Classic). Most of the old school members that you will see around here are from that game, and so a lot of them are celebrating their 10 year aniversary with the clan this year.

After a great run in QWTF, the cheating and exploits became too widespread and we, and most others, took our leave of the game. Our next game was Command and Conquer Renegade which we did extremely well in, always ranked, and correct me someone if I am wrong, but we were always ranked within the top 3 clans worldwide. (actually we were always top or second - oleum)

From there we went into Earth and Beyond where we once again had amazing success. We were ranked number one in almost every major clan category and had an amazing player base. You will see a lot of our EnB players around now.

Next we went into a flurry of FPS games, such as Unreal Tournament 2003 I think it was, and BF 1942 Desert Combat Mod. Both of those games were met with very limited success. After such a long stint in MMO's we found it hard to get back to the strict lifestyle of a FPS clan, lacking in both active FPS members and discipline.

We moved on from there into two different directions at one time, with the time periods varying a little. One of those paths lead us into Star Wars Galaxies in which Overmind lead AoA to amazing success and brought forth the shining AoA fortification known as Echo Base.

At the roughly the same time period AoA entered into World of Warcraft as well. WoW turned out to be a two fold adventure. We started off strong, probably about 60 or so members, and everything went well, then as the really hardcore grinders would reach 55 or 60 so much faster than everyone else they would decide to join a clan that had a lot of higher level players. This started a trend that eventually spelled the end of our involvement in WoW as every player when they reached a high enough level left to join another clan.

We have currently very sucessful guilds in LoTRO and PotBS on Brandywine and Blackbeard servers respectively.

Age of Conan:Edit

We have been planning for AoC for some time but it is the first game in a while where members from various chapters of AoA have come together and really gelled. Our MMO philosophy of helping one another out is going strong and we already have a great spot reserved for our city. Now we are looking to swell the ranks and become the top guild on our chosen server Omm. If you want to ecome a part of our AoC effort and especially if you are looking to join a multiple gaming guild with history and maturity then contact any of us in game. I suggest these people as ones to contact in the first instance, Dasmich (Leader) Cyris Uzzar Niki, but if none of these about use the guild tool at top left and request to join us we'll get back to you.

Niki (oleum) with parts stolen from our website courtesy glow,overmind and others

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