Guild Information
Guild name Agents

Language English
Server Type PvP

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: Agents
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums:
  • Main Time Zone: EST
  • Guild Leader: Ambient
  • Guild category (PvE, PvP, Raid, Other): PVP
  • Roleplay: No
  • Voice: Ventrilo
  • Recruiting members status: Actively
  • Server type: FFA PVP
  • Platform: PC
  • Age: Just ask that you're mature enough.


AGN was initially founded in 2003 in the game Planetside. It was created as an alternative to other preexisting guilds which the founding Agents found to be too unorganized, and filled with players whose talents were nothing but questionable. AGN was built on highly skilled players and a focus on the development and execution of effective small scale, squad-based tactics. This methodology proved to be highly effective, and coupled with the great deal of unity existing between members, AGN was able to develop into one of the most respected guilds in Planetside.

From there, AGN ventured into World of Warcraft. Again focusing on the development of individual player abilities, as well as fostering relationships between our members, AGN quickly excelled. Our members’ unflinching ability to listen to orders and execute them with a refined precision allowed us to adapt the inherently different environment which existed within World of Warcraft. Despite our success with raiding as well as world PVP, the Agents were nonetheless unsatisfied with the overall experience. Since our departure from World of Warcraft we have made forays into TF2, and COD4 which both appeal to our competitive nature and our commitment to the implementation of sound tactics.


If it was not made clear already, AGN has always focused on a tight-knit group of extremely talented players. The continuance of this will be our primary purpose within Age of Conan. Our continued excellence is made possible by the contributions by our individual members. As such, our guild serves as a means for our members to develop lasting friendships and enjoy games to their fullest.


  • Maintain a close group of members and make sure everyone feels important and has a good time.
  • Avoid drama relating, but not limited to, ingame items, other players, other guilds, or other meaningless things.
  • Attain and hold one of the first battlekeeps on the server, and build a playerbase capable of defending that battlekeep.
  • Excel at PvP in every aspect and use group coordination to assure a high percentage of successful scenarios in PvP combat.
  • Maintain a candid atmosphere between our members.

Potential CandidatesEdit

Open recruitment is something an extremely rare event within AGN. Most often, people are only invited to join. However, we recognize the need to increase our ranks to allow us to remain effective in Age of Conan. We are looking for individuals who recognize that the role of community is as important, if not more, than in game competency. Keeping in line with our methodologies, the ability to work within a small team and take orders is absolutely essential.

Recruitment ProcessEdit

If you are interested in joining the ranks of AGN, head over to our website at and make a post on the forums.

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