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Guild name Addiction
Forums Same as Website
Timezone EST
Language English
Server Type Tyranny

About AddictionEdit

Remember that game you played way back when, that whenever the subject comes up you can't shut up about? Those few guys you played with.. and kicked everyone's ass with? Yeah.. we're those guys. Addiction is the guild doing it first - be it a dungeon, raid, PvP tactic, or character build. We're the guys on top, the feared and respected players who take the game to the next level not through endless hours, but by skill and intelligence.

Addiction aims at being a world first guild in AoC, the first to level to cap, the first to have their battlekeep, the first to have their city, and the first to defeat any encounter thrown our way, be it the toughest raid boss or the lowly newb stepping off Tortage, we will kill it. We are hardcore gamers, where being average isn't tolerated, and excellence is encouraged. It is a guild where your skill determines where you stand, not the people you know. If you want to experience everything the game has to offer at the highest levels, then this is the guild for you. We expect only the best, and nothing less.

Addiction History:Edit

Addiction is a Hardcore Raid/PvP guild that has been together since the launch of the PvP server Venekor on Everquest 2. At the time Addiction was called Pandemonium. Pandemonium quickly made a name for itself as the top guild on the server. Pandemonium was a Freeport guild. Pandemonium is credited with the server first on all of Tier 5 raid zones with the exception of Spirits of the Lost which we skipped and Cove of Decay: Epic Angler. Pandemonium went on to score server firsts on all of Tier 6 (Desert of Flames expansion) minus the Djinn Master’s Prism (skipped due to tedious access quest), and Pedestal of Sky was completed first by Pandemonium. This includes Lockjaw’s Lair, Court of Al’Afaz, Gates of Akhet Aken, and Poet’s Palace: Return as well as contested Barakah and Siyamak. Due to poor raid leadership at the time we did not however achieve the first Tier 7 raid mob kill. Our current raid leaders did not think we were ready for the easiest Kingdom of Sky had to offer. We quickly recovered from this naturally, locking in server firsts for 77% of all Tier 7 mob encounters the other guilds deemed ‘worthy’, many of which were the far more difficult encounters. (Mutagenic Outcast, Hurricanus, Laborartory of Lord Vyemm: Alzid Prime, Euktrzkai Amdaatk, The Corsolander, The Uncaged Alzid, Uustalastus Xiterrax, Doom Triad, Doomsworn Zatrakh, Lord Vyemm, Lycaeum of Abhorrence, Essence of Fear, Gnillaw the Demented, Gnorbl the Playful, Vellucid, Halls of Seeing: An Ancient Bloodbeast, Pain, Suffering, The Elemental Warder, The Enforcer of Captivity, The Overlord of Captivity, A Charged Presence, A Shadowy Presence, Venekor. Deathtoll: Amorphous Drake, Fitzpitzle, Yitzik the Hurler). Pandemonium is also credited with server first for completing the Prismatic Quest line (equivilant to the Destiny quest line in Age Of Conan) for tier 5 and 6. We did however stop getting server firsts once the guild Den of Madness was created, 6 months later, who ultimately beat us and killed the most relevant mobs Tarinax, Chel'drak, and Direvine Matron, the last two who dropped the only mythicals in the tier.

After dominating the server for roughly the first ten months of the server our guild began to drift apart. Primarily due to the upstart guild Den of Madness (DoM), which initially started as a pvp only guild, but soon started to dominate server first raid content as well. In an effort to try to keep up with the progression of DoM, a large portion of the guild attempted to exploit a game mechanic to accelerate the gear accumlulation process, since we were no longer downing raid content at the pace we earlier were, and losing some of our raiders to the new exile guild. Unfortunately, we were caught cheating, and a large portion of our officer class, including Gromph and Nadasdy, were suspended for a week. At that point, the level of embarassment was too much. We were forced to all but quit the game, and create a brand new guild under a different name. We since learned our lesson and avoided playing on similar servers to DoM in future games, so as no to duplicate our past.

Thats when Pandemonium found Age of Conan. At first Conan's date for release was much sooner then it is now. When Conan got pushed back to October 30th the surviving members of Pandemonium (about 15) suddenly found them selves with a whole lot of time on their hands. The leaders now Det0x and Gromph began planning what was to become Addiction.

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