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Guild Information
Guild name 4Tm
Timezone +1 GMT
Language english
Server Type PvP
Realm Name Battlescar

General Information Edit

About us Edit

We are a group of RL friends that uhm... enjoy gaming ;). The last few years we've been playing WoW on The Maelstrom server; however since we all kinda picked up the game at different times, no more than 3 of us were in any one guild at a time.

So together with good friends we made in WoW we decided to give it a shot in one guild, here in AoC. Our PvE experience is solid, PvP not so solid, though we did not suck at it. Either way, we're going to get a taste of both here.

4Tm is an acronym we used in other games, Tm being the shorthand for our hometown here in Romania: Timisoara. While I know it does not perfectly represent all of our guild, we are found of it and the guild tag is not the #1 issue. It's rather the feeling it inspires in our friends and foes when they see it.

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