Guardian Spirit (spell)

Class Priest of Mitra
Level first available 50
Max rank 1
Mana Cost 237 at Max Level
Targeting Mode Friendly Self Centered Area Spell

Casting Time 1.5 seconds
Attack Rating Holy Damage
Recast 90 seconds
Effect Guardian Spirit on team

Duration 10 seconds
Summons a guardian spirit to protect the group, that inflicts moderate damage to anyone physically attacking group members. If the damage effect is not triggered by the end of the duration, a moderate heal will trigger instead.

Guardian Spirit is a Priest of Mitra spell which is granted by training the Guardian Spirit tier 7 feat in the Vengance tree.


  • The Guardian Spirit buff is placed upon anyone in the priest's team within ? m from the priest
Level 50 80
Mana Cost 153 237
Base Damage 207 341
Base Healing 69 115

Related FeatsEdit

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