To Be Formatted Edit


  • Sweep
Description: You deal focused damage to your targeted foe, hittting it severely with a mighty blow.
  • Shield Knock
Description: Inflicts damage and knocks the enemy back.
  • Duling Blow
Description: Inflicts damage and ...???... for a short period of time.
  • Focused Counterstrike
Description: Inflicts damage and marks the enemy for furture retaliation ...???
  • Exhausting ??
Description: Inflicts ...??
  • Rapid Swing
Description: ??
  • Fatigue
Description: ??
  • Rapid Swing
Description: You deal focused damage to your targeted foe...??
  • Lightning Strike
Description: A powerful strike that...??.. the ground and ..??
  • Disable
Description: The guardian saps the stamina of any enemies before them by striking at their legs with sweeping blows.
  • Flashing Arc
Description: The guardian's polearm sweeps through any enemies standing before them, inflicting damage on multiple targets.
  • Guard
Description: Increases the guardian's defense rating, makes it easier for them to evade enemy blows and allows them to counter-attack enemy strikes.
  • Stagger
By pounding their pole arm into the ground the guardian knocks their enemy off their feet.
  • Guard Destroyer

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