Grol big

Harbingers of a greater evil to come, the Grol are lesser echoes of more powerful demon lord that has languished in magical bindings for centuries. While their master remains trapped within the bole of a great tree, bound there by the magic of the witch Zelata, the weaker Grol creatures manifest in the land nearby, foreshadowing the appearance of their filthy scion. Every fifty years, the spell imprisoning the demon within the tree grows weak and must be renewed. There are those tasked with the watching for when the spell must be restored. These watchful souls know the time is near once they begin to see the Grol appearing across the Wild Lands. The ichor-covered imps delight in attacking humans, bearing all the spite of their patron demon in his hatred for mortal life. Mutilations and deaths at the hands and teeth of the Grol are becoming commonplace once more in Aquilonia’s easternmost reaches. Those aware of the ancient secret know the signs are waxing as each night passes, and unless the Grol are killed soon and the spell around the great tree renewed, the frontier settlements of the Wild Lands will be at the mercy of the imps and their malicious lord.

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