Grimnir Stormbringer, Champion of the Northern Gods

A mammoth, covered in ropes of shaggy, coarse hair and strong as ten oxen. It plowed forward with a large form astride its neck, raising weapons overhead in challenge. A giant form. A true beast that walked upright, like a demon with blazing eyes of golden fire. The tales had not been so tall, after all.

At last, Grimnir stood revealed.

Giant-kin! Frost giant. One of the legendary true sons of Ymir. Easily half-again as large as a regular man, with a thick hide the color of old, rotten snow and heavily-muscled arms that could tear a warrior in two. His eyes did spark like yellow fire out of a face more bestial than human.

But this was no mindless creature of the deep, deep north. There was intelligence there, and purpose in the way he held his weapons. He raised a warhammer overhead with his right hand. In his other, he wielded a battle axe one-handed and pointed it at the Cimmerian line.

“Crom’s blood,” Brig Tall-Wood said aloud.

— Legends of Kern: Blood of Wolves, Loren Coleman

For several seasons, the name of Vanaheim’s most feared warlord has been on the lips of many Cimmerian warriors. It is this man who was blamed for the unnaturally long winters of years past, as if his power somehow birthed a curse of frost and snow to plague Cimmeria. It is this man who has claimed the lives of countless warriors, in his blood-soaked sweep into the land south of Vanaheim. It is he who commands a horde of Vanir and Ymirish berserkers, roaring orders as they despoil the beauty of Conan’s homeland and laughing as his warriors slaughter the defenders, rape their women, and burn the settlements to ash. In a land where superstition is seen as weakness, Cimmerians now make signs warding off evil at the mere mention of this warlord’s name.

Grimnir Stormbringer. Grimnir the Invincible. Grimnir the Immortal.

Stormbringer is a name that echoes with eerie truth, for the blizzard-plagues his sorcerers send against Cimmeria and for the ‘Grimnir’s Breath’ winds, ice-cold day and night, that bedevil Cimmerian villages. He is called ‘the Invincible’ for even in his army’s one defeat by the forces of Kern Wolfeye, Grimnir’s Nordheimers return again and again to take the lives of their southern foes.

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