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Made this page to assist you on Auction House, while seeking for a specific green item. I think Funcom will implement an advanced seach function later on, at least I hope, but for now, you can use this.

Prefixes Edit

Under this section, you can see the item prefixes ("prefix" "item name")

Attribute Enhancers Edit

Enlightening: + Intelligence

Sagacious: + Wisdom

Deft: + Dexterity

Fortifying: + Constitution

Mighty: + Strenght

Invigorating: + Max Stamina

Somatic: + Max Health

Imbued: + Max Mana

Skill Modifiers Edit

Focusing: + Casting Concentration

Umbral: + Hiding

Observer's: + Perception

Vexing: + Taunt

Extra Invulnerability Edit

Purifying: +% Poison Invulnerability

Unyielding: +% Crushing Invulnerability

Dense: +% Piercing Invulnerability

Tenacious: +% Slashing Invulnerability

Quenching: +% Fire Invulnerability

Sacrosanct: +% Holy Invulnerability

Unhallowed: +% Unholy Invulnerability

Algid: +% Cold Invulnerability

Grounding: +% Electrical Invulnerability

Negating: +% Immunity

Extra Regen Edit

Rejuvenating: + Natural Stamina Regen

Replenishing: + Natural Mana Regen

Vitalic: + Natural Health Regen

Repletive: + Non-Combat Mana Regen

Revitalising: + Non-Combat Health Regen

Salubrious: + Non-Combat Stamina Regen

Damage Modifiers Edit

Concussant: + Two-Handed Blunt Damage

Scything: + Two-Handed Edged Damage

Thrasing: + One-Handed Blunt Damage

Vicious: + One-Handed Edged Damage

Thrusting: + Dagger Damage

Violent: + Polearm Damage

Steady: + Crossbow Damage

Poised: + Bow Damage

Frenzied: +% Offhand Chance

Destructive: + Crushing Damage

Eviscerating: + Slashing Damage

Frostwrought: + Cold Damage

Malefic: + Unholy Damage

Noxious: + Poison Damage

Puncturing: + Piercing Damage

Retributive: + Holy Damage

Searing: + Fire Damage

Stormforged: + Electricial Damage

Sacred: + Holy Damage (magic)

Tempestuous: + Electrical Damage (magic)

Baneful: + Unholy Damage (magic)

Igneous: + Fire Damage (magic)

Glacial: + Cold Damage (magic)

Tap Percent Edit

Enfeebling: +% Tap Stamina

Exsanguinating: +% Tap Health

Stupefying: +% Tap Mana

Leeching: +% Tap Health (magical)

Fatiguing: +% Tap Stamina (magical)

Draining: +% Tap Mana (magical)

No category Edit

Merciful: -% Hate Modifier

Mocking: +% Hate Modifier

Traveler's: +% Out of Combat Movement Speed

Brutal: +% Fatality Chance

Has sockets Edit

Bloodsilver: Gem Slots (size ?)

--Goekhan 20:37, 11 June 2008 (UTC)

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