Gorm was the Pict cheiftain who led the Picts in conquering large parts of Hyboria during the Hyborian age. This was in many ways because of the Nemedian priest Arus, who came to the Pictish Wilderness to preach about the god Mitra to the savage Picts. Arus told Gorm and the other Picts of his tribe about the great civilizations that had grown in the East, trying to convince them it was because of their worship to Mitra. Arus also tought the Picts to gather iron, and to smelt it and create implements with it.

Arus thought he was making good progress in turning the Picts to belive in Mitra, because they were all listening to what he had to say. The Picts however, did not care for his teachings about Mitra, but were listening to him describing the wast amount of ritchess the civilizations in the east had to offer.

Arus told them about great battles the civilized nations had, claiming their victory was due to their belief in Mitra. The Picts listened intently, learning new ways to fight.

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