Khitai occupies a vast area to the East of Aquilonia, beyond the Vilayet Sea. It is comprised of several large playfields to Quest and adventure in:

Gateway to KhitaiEdit

  • Level 20 - 40
  • Dungeons: Forgotten City (ACG 40-80), The Breach (ACG 40-80)

Northern GrasslandsEdit

  • Level 80 - 80
  • Dungeons: Kang Pagoda, Pillars of Heaven, Reliquery of Flame, Votex of the Storm, Coppice of the Heart

Chosain ProvinceEdit

  • Level 80 - 80
  • Dungeons: Palace of Yun Rau, Jade Dugout, The Abyss of Kun Whu, Mines of Chosain

Kara Korum Edit

  • Level 80 - 80
  • Dungeons: Caverns of Malice, The Celestial Necropolis, The Enigmata of Yag, Refuge of the Apostate


  • Level 80 - 80
  • Dungeons: The Jade Citadel (T4), The AI District, T'ian'an District

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