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Fatiguing Oval Teardrop
Azurite +0.96% Tap Stamina % (magical) +1.27% Tap Stamina % (magical)
Lapis Lazuli +1.12% Tap Stamina % (magical) +1.48% Tap Stamina % (magical)
Turqoise +1.44% Tap Stamina % (magical) +1.80% Tap Stamina % (magical)
Aquamarine +1.52% Tap Stamina % (magical) +2.01% Tap Stamina % (magical)
Sapphire +1.6% Tap Stamina % (magical)
Star Sapphire +1.68% Tap Stamina % (magical)
Fits in 2h sockets
Note: The in-game tooltip is off by 100.
0.96% Tap Health (Magical) will show 96% in-game.

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