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Uncut gems are used by the Gemcutting profession to create magical gems to place in socketed armor and weapons.

Raw Gems Edit

Tier-Level Icon blackgem Black Icon bluegem Blue Icon greengem Green Icon redgem Red Icon whitegem White Icon yellowgem Yellow
5-40 Black Spinel Kyanite Malachite Fiery Beryl Rock Crystal Jasper
6-50 Smoke Quartz Azurite Chrysoberyl Carnelian Zircon Heliodor
7-60 Melanite Aquamarine Chrysoprase Blood Amber Corundum Citrine
8-70 Jet Lace Agate Peridot Rose Quartz Achroite Pushparagam
9-75 Tourmaline Moonstone Prasiolite Garnet Shimmering Opal Canary Diamond
10-80 Royal Onyx Sapphire Emerald Ruby Diamond Topaz

Cut Gems Edit

Icon blackgem Black Gems Icon bluegem Blue Gems
5 (40) [Black Spinel Bead]
5 (40) [Kyanite Bead]
6 (50) [Cabochon Smoke Quartz]
Combat Rating
6 (50) [Cabochon Azurite]
Magic Damage
7 (60) [Malefic Oblique Melanite]
[Tempestuous Oblique Melanite]

[Baneful Oblique Melanite]

Combat Rating (Unholy)
Magic Damage (Electrical)

Magic Damage (Unholy)

7 (60) [Frostwrought Oblique Aquamarine]
[Glacial Oblique Aquamarine]
[Igneous Oblique Aquamarine]
Combat Rating (Cold)
Magic Damage (Cold)
Magic Damage (Fire)
8 (70) [Vicious Marquise Jet]
[Scything Marquise Jet]
[Glacial Marquise Jet]

[Igneous Marquise Jet]

Combat Rating (1HE)
Combat Rating (2HE)
Magic Damage (Cold)

Magic Damage (Fire)

8 (70) [Insulated Marquise Lace Agate]
[Extinguishing Marquise Lace Agate]
[Grounded Marquise Lace Agate]
Protection (Cold)
Protection (Fire)
Protection (Electrical)
9 (75) [Tourmaline of the Black Flame]
[Tourmaline of the Black Ice]
[Tourmaline of Black Lightning]
Fire Proc
Frost Proc
Electrical Proc
9 (75) [Sapphire of Discord]
[Sanguine Radiant Sapphire]
Mana Spike Proc
Protection (Cold/Fire/Electricity)
10 (80) [Brutal Brilliant Royal Onyx]
[Ruthless Brilliant Royal Onyx]

[Mocking Brilliant Royal Onyx]

Combat/Fatality/Critical Rating
Magic Damage/Fatality/Critical Rating

Hate Increase Rating

10 (80) [Leeching Brilliant Moonstone]
[Draining Moonstone]
[Moonstone of Bel's Mirth]

[Moonstone of Occult Inspiration]

Magic Life Tap Rating
Magic Mana Tap Rating
Spell Penetration Proc

Magic Damage Proc

Icon greengem Green Gems Icon redgem Red Gems
5 (40) [Malachite Bead]
5 (40) [Crimson Beryl Bead]
6 (50) [Cabochon Crysoberyl]
6 (50) [Cabochon Carnelian]
7 (60) [Stormforged Oblique Crysoprase]
Combat Rating (Electrical)
7 (60) [Searing Oblique Fiery Amber]
Combat Rating (Fire)
8 (70) [Poised Marquise Peridot]
[Steady Marquise Peridot]
[Thrusting Marquise Peridot]
Combat Rating (Bow)
Combat Rating (Crossbow)
Combat Rating (Dagger)
8 (70) [Thrashing Marquise Rose Quartz]
[Concussant Marquise Rose Quartz]
[Violent Marquise Rose Quartz]
Combat Rating (1HB)
Combat Rating (2HB)
Combat Rating (Polearm)
9 (75) [Prasiolite of the Charged Husk]
Electrical Proc
9 (75) [Garnet of Blood]
Health Tap Proc
10 (80) [Seeking Brilliant Emerald]
[Frenzied Brilliant Emerald]
Bow & Crossbow Range
Offhand Rating
10 (80) [Enfeebling Brilliant Ruby]
[Exsanguinating Brilliant Ruby]
[Stupefying Brilliant Ruby]
Stamina Tap Rating
Health Tap Rating
Mana Tap Rating
Icon whitegem White Gems Icon yellowgem Yellow Gems
5 (40) [Rock Crystal Bead]
5 (40) [Jasper Bead]
6 (50) [Cabochon Zircon]
Hit Rating
6 (50) [Cabochon Heliodor]
7 (60) [Evasive Oblique Corundum]
[Protective Oblique Corundum]
Evade Rating
7 (60) [Sacred Oblique Citrine]
[Retributive Oblique Citrine]

Magic Damage (Holy)

Combat Rating (Holy)

8 (70) [Negating Marquise Achroite]
Immunity Rating
8 (70) [Hexed Marquise Pushparagam]
[Warded Marquise Pushparagam]
[Omnific Marquise Pushparagam]
Protection (Unholy)
Protection (Holy)
Magic Damage
9 (75) [Shimmering Opal of the Iron Glyph]
Armor Bonus Proc
9 (75) [Canary Diamond of Divinity]
[Canary Diamond of Sins]
Holy Damage Proc
Unholy Damage Proc
10 (80)

[Austere Brilliant Diamond]

[Diamond of the Indomitable]

Critical Rating

Armor Bonus Proc

10 (80) [Merciful Brilliant Topaz]
[Fatiguing Brilliant Topaz]
[Topaz of Divine Benediction]
Hate Decrease Rating
Magic Stamina Tap Rating
Divine Benediction Proc

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