• Getting knocked back while talking to an NPC should no longer make one's character unable to move or attack.
  • Female faces should no longer have squinty eye issues.


Priest (general) Edit

   * Vitalizing Jolt and other friendly area spells will now properly hit the caster, in Massive PvP zones.

Ranger Edit

   * Armor Ripper III will no longer debuff yourself.


  • Fixed an issue where the instant cast spells would not complete instantly and start the next queued spell right away.

GUI Edit

  • PvP invulnerabilities now appear categorized, like other invulnerabilities.
  • A new global chat channel is now available.


  • Patrolling guards will always resume their patrol if they get distracted while patrolling.
  • Enabled the options for Murderers to travel to Ymir's Pass and Lacheish.
  • Added an option to the Outlaw Smuggler in Lacheish, for the player to travel to Conarch Village from Lacheish Plains.
  • Chill crawler Mindrazer and Shadowbearers now properly attack players.
  • Kyllikki: Kyllikki and her adds should now only attack players inside her room.
  • Kyllikki: White Hand Guard, Gurnakhi Honorguard, White Hand Priest, and White Hand Spellguard should now properly reset when they have no hated targets.
  • Kyllikki: Killing Champion of the Honorguard should now stop the raid trash in front of him from spawning.
  • Kyllikki: Added a forcefield after the "Champion of the Honorguard" encounter.
  • Yakhmar: Yakhmar now spawns adds at a fixed interval.
  • Yakhmar: Yakhmar now despawns his adds when he is killed.
  • Yakhmar: Yakhmar now properly evades when he's pulled out of his territory
  • Yakhmar: Redesigned Yakhmar’s Lullaby ability to increase the usability of Herald of Xotli and Demonologists in the encounter.
  • Yakhmar: Rebalanced Yakhmar’s Wyrmlings to accommodate the changes done to Lullaby.
  • Fixed guards in PvP areas to now agro correctly when players use certain spells.

PVP Edit

  • Khopshef Province Redemption quests should have more correct dialog.
  • Outlaw Smuggler NPCs will now show the cost of teleporting you in their dialog.


  • Khopshef: Ruthlessness - The male humans killed for this Redemption quest will no longer drop female heads.
  • Khopshef Province: Commander Ramartarsi - Players should now be able to interact with Commander Ramartarsi in the "Serpent's Head Inn" in Khemi.


  • Recipes for city items that should require guild buildings, now properly do.
  • Some of the new crafted shields were requiring the wrong tradeskill to use - this has been fixed. This change does not negatively effect players who have already learned the recipe -- they now may make the item using the proper feat.


  • Fixed a rendering bug that caused the sky to "lag behind" camera movement.
  • All ledges in Kylikki's crypt have been blocked off.

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