• Adjusted the look of some female faces to be more in line with older models.

PVP Edit

  • Culture PvP servers will now have the consequence system in place.
  • Free Prey will not be applied to you if you are apprenticed and end up within the playfield's level range.
  • You will now start to get PvP XP when your apprentice level and the target's apprentice level is higher than level 10.
  • If your target is within appropriate level range when apprenticed, you will no longer get murder points from killing him/her.
  • PvP XP Diminishing returns now work correctly when facing same level players.
  • The issue where Criminals could not use some teleporter NPCs has been resolved. Murderers may now use the City Steward NPCs to teleport to their guild city, as well as the Smugglers in the [[Outlaw Camp]s.
  • If a lower level player attacks a higher level player, the groupmates of the higher level player can now join in the fight without getting criminal flagged.


  • Fixed issues with no line of sight in spellcasting.
  • The chance of spell casting being interrupted by damage has now been reduced.

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