Player CharacterEdit

  • The Catacombs in Tarantia Nobel district offers a host of new quests and encounters to challenge you in this group instance.


Mage (General)Edit

  • Dark Meditation will now properly expire.
  • Dark Meditation should now be removed from the spell list after untraining feats.
  • The deception for the general feat Purge no longer refers to multiple targets.
  • The feat "Purge" has been renamed to "Spell - Purge".
  • Mirrored Iron's proc, Seat's Shield, now hits using the correct damage type based on the Magic Rating buff running.
  • Mirrored Iron's proc, Seat's Shield, has had its damage readjusted to the proper amount.

Rogue (General)Edit

  • Ambush ability will no longer increase the damage of the next strike.
  • Mountaineer feat's decrease to the duration of the Bruised Body debuff has been changed from 50%/100% to 45%/90% per respective rank.
  • Mountaineer feat's decrease to the duration of the Broken Bones debuff has been changed from 25%/50% to 30%/60% per respective rank.
  • Quick Dismount will not go on cooldown unless you are mounted.
  • Cheat the Reaper will now work 25%/50% of the time per respective feat point spent.
  • Cheat the Reaper can now only activate once every 5 minutes.

Soldier (General)Edit

  • Brutal Enraging Wound and Engaging Wound will now always tick 3 times.
  • Brutal Enraging Wound now displays the proper damage over time value in the combo tool tip.
  • Spell damage will now properly tiger Cunning Deflection.


  • Grim Corruption I's debuff will now stack with the other Grim Corruption debuffs.
  • Grim Corruption will now debuff Unholy and Poison Invulnerabilities by 5% at each rank.


  • All the Savage Rage combos now use the same animation as Savage Rage IV.
  • Impale's cooldown has been increased to 40 seconds.
  • Impale's bonus damage will now scale consistently with feat points invested.

Bear ShamanEdit

  • Aspects - Blood Fever, Skulk, and Untamed Regeneration will no longer be removed after zoning.
  • Claws of Life will no longer be removed after zoning.
  • Spirits of the Debased proc buff now uses the proper icon in the buff GUI.
  • Spirit Totem: Profane will now always give Unholy Invulnerabilities with each rank of Spirits of the Debased trained.


  • Conquest's bonus to One-Handed weapon damage has been increased across all ranks.
  • Deep Wounds will now stack properly.
  • Deep Wounds' proc rate has been slightly increased.
  • Deep Wounds now displays a stack count in the target's debuff GUI.
  • Deep Wounds' DPS has been increased slightly.
  • Feint Attack I will no longer scale past Feint Attack II at any level.
  • Frostbite will now debuff magical damage in addition to melee damage.
  • Frostbite will now have an additional larger debuff component versus PvP targets on top of the normal debuff.
  • Frostbite's chance to apply off of a Hoarfrost proc has been doubled.
  • Hail of Furious Strikes II will no longer scale past Hail of Furious Strikes III at any level.
  • Lacerate will now proc off all non-unarmed melee attacks.
  • Lacerate's proc rate has been slightly increased.
  • Lacerate now displays a stack count in the target's debuff GUI.
  • Lacerate's DPS has been increased slightly.
  • Lingering Wrath's damage has been slightly reduced.
  • Lingering Wrath will now always tick 5 times.
  • Offhand Precision's bonus has been doubled at all ranks. It will now increase Offhand Chance by 2%/4%/6%/8%/10% per respective rank.
  • Rend Flesh's duration has been increased to 15 seconds. The cooldown has also been increased to 1 minute.
  • Rend Flesh's damage over time effect will now last 5 seconds.
  • Rend Flesh now displays a stack count in the target's debudff GUI.
  • Rend Flesh's damage over time effect will now scale better with more feat points invested.
  • Improved Rend's direct damage hit will now scale better with more feat points invested.
  • Two-Handed Master's bonus to Two-Handed weapon damage will now scale more consistently.
  • Renamed Auras & Battle Crys, and included level up info in descriptions.

Dark TemplarEdit

  • The name of the feat "Spell - Dooming Presence" has been changed to "Combo - Dooming Presence", since it actually does grant a combo and not a spell.
  • Pact of Malacodor should now be removed from the spellbook after untraining feats.
  • Reaper of Malacodor should now be removed from the spellbook after untraining feats.
  • Covenant of Arms will no longer be removed after zoning if you have the appropriate feat.


  • Chaotic Blast's damage component can now perform critical hits.
  • Demonic War will no longer be removed when zoning.


  • Guard I will no longer scale past Guard II at any level.
  • Lowered the damage of Stagger I slightly.
  • Increased the damage of Stagger II slightly.

Herald of XotliEdit

  • Undying Glory of Xotli should no longer be removed when zoning.
  • Fixed a tool tip issue causing the wrong information to be displayed in the Burning Words feat.


  • Despoil the Soul will now show the proper duration when viewing the tool tip of the spell.
  • Despoil the Soul duration has been increased to 1 hour.
  • Spellweaving buff 'Death God' duration has been reduced to 20 seconds.
  • The cabal debuff will now use the proper icon in the target's debuff window.

Priest of MitraEdit

  • Armor of Faith will no longer be removed by Hand of Mitra.


  • Incapacitating Stabs I will never scale past Incapacitating Stabs II at all levels.
  • Marked Target will now stack properly when 2 points are invested in the feat.
  • Piercing Stance, Shattering Stance, Sniper Stance, and Fire Stance will no longer be removed when zoning if the appropriate feat is trained.
  • Shattering Shots will now properly remove the directional shielding in the target GUI.
  • Immolation should work more consistently.

Tempest of SetEdit

  • Lightning Cast will now properly put Lightning Strike on a 5 second cooldown.
  • A book in your offhand will no longer spin during attack animations.


  • The attack at the end of a charge can no longer be aborted.
  • Transitions between 2H-attacks for male & female characters should feel smoother.
  • The male UP-attack animation for staves should now work correctly.
  • Charge, Ursine Rush, Impale (Guardian), Stunning Charge, and Hellstep can no longer be used while Hidden.
  • Melee pets will now do splash damage.
  • Knockback should have a proper animation again.
  • Using an ability while charging (such as Cunning Deflection) should no longer lock up your movement.
  • You should no longer be able to damage or heal dead targets with spells or combos.
  • Fixed a cause of sliding during combat.
  • Initiating chat with an NPC while performing attacks will now stop your attack animation as intended.
  • You can no longer de-apprentice while in combat.

Massive PvPEdit

  • If the attacking guild takes over a battlekeep, any city guards that are left will now despawn.
  • Players can now only spawn a ballista while the city is vulnerable to attack.
  • Catapult progress bar no longer shows Trebuchet Blast.
  • Once the siege battle is finished, the siege weapons and siege camps will now be properly disposed of.
  • Ballista siege weapons will no longer cycle between all targets they have. They will use the last target instead, making them more useful in combat.
  • If you get teleported out of a battle you will now end up in the nearest NPC village of the connecting resource and building playfield, instead of ending up in the nearest city.
  • The siege camp in Burnheim which previously spawned at the wrong location will now spawn at the proper location.
  • It's now possible to get a replaced siege targeting module if you lost one. Simply target the weapon and press the use button to get a replacement.
  • Only the defending guild can talk to the ballista builder NPCs.
  • The siege camps will now give a message when they are used when the city isn't vulnerable.
  • Player city guards are now friendly to the guild that owns the city.
  • Siege Weapons should no longer fail to initialize properly.
  • Ballista NPCs should always spawn when the city becomes vulnerable.
  • Vendors should no longer spawn if the vulnerability window opens when the building has just finished being built.
  • Members of the attacking guild should no longer get teleported out of the instance when zoning into a siege that is already in progress.
  • Siege Weapons should no longer report that the target is out of range when it's not out of range. A different error message will appear if the siege weapon was unable to fire at the target for some reason.
  • Massive PvP city NPCs should only be usable by the owners of the city.
  • Defending players in a siege will no longer get points for character kills.
  • Time left in the siege battle before it ends will now display correctly in Score window.
  • If no guild applies for a battle queue before the 24h prior to the siege are over, that battle queue will be locked and no guild will be assigned the Attacker role.
  • Mammoth Sweep and Rhino Sweep damage increased and changed to Siege damage to properly damage buildings.


Player Cities/GuildsEdit

  • The Barracks in Player Cities will now spawn the correct amount of guards after being upgraded.
  • Only the guild that owns the city will be able to use the NPCs inside their city.
  • Renamed some player city feats to be in line with the names of the buildings.
  • Barracks should now always show up in the guild feats window after being built.

Voice ActingEdit

Additional Voiceacting for the following quests:Edit

  • Conallllage:
  • Every Strong Arm
  • Clans at War
  • Conall's Valley:
  • An Impending Attack
  • Chaos in the Fortress
  • Mayhem in the Fortress
  • Decimate the Warhost
  • Old Tarantia:
  • The Wrong Kind of Message
  • The Woman Who Never Died
  • Wild Lands of Zelata:
  • Tearing the Veil
  • Immortal Acheron
  • Khemi:
  • The Raided Tomb
  • The Satiated Serpent
  • Khopshef Province:
  • A Plea for Prophecy
  • Sneaking Suspicions
  • Lord Atum-Kheket
  • Emerald Eyes
  • Eiglophian Mountains:
  • A Broken Bloodline
  • The Blood-Furred Best
  • Elina's Father
  • A Daughter's Revenge
  • White Hand Officers
  • Field of the Dead:
  • Death to the Vanir
  • The Ymirish Bearlock
  • Lieutenant Rhor
  • Lieutenant Haken, Karras & Vorr
  • Tabbot and the Scounts
  • The Wolf Dream
  • The Curse of the Werewolves
  • Den of Wolves
  • A Curious Encounter
  • Atzel's Approach:
  • The Giant Killings
  • Against the Giant Chief
  • Hard Evidence
  • Trail to the Dragon's Lair
  • The Stygian Diary
  • Kheshatta:
  • Lift the Curse of Constantius
  • Master of the Silver Peacock
  • Ibis, Master of Hidden Secrets
  • Master of Gargoyles
  • Thunder River:
  • A Steep Cliff
  • Heads of the Fallen
  • Turning Point
  • Absolute War


  • Atzel's Fortress: Kidnapping & Torture - Any leftover Flasks of Oily Pitch will be removed when you complete this quest.
  • Atzel's Approach: Revenge of the Ape God - This is now a group quest.
  • Atzel's Approach: Power Behind the Throne - Item "Orders with the Mark of Set" no longer tells the player to right click on it to get a quest.
  • Conarch Village: The Downtrodden - Croiss will no longer confuse a sword with an axe.
  • Khemi: The Guardian statue will no longer send you into a dialog loop.
  • Kheshatta: The Grim Grey God - You will now reset to the location where you zoned in if you log out in the instance.
  • Kheshatta: The Grim Grey God - Sarcophagi and pedestals will have a progress bar when they’re being used.
  • Kheshatta: Heady Kaphil Liquor - The flowers to be collected now have visual effects to help identify them.
  • Kheshatta: Hunting the Waste - Weapons for this quest will now have a visual effect.
  • Old Tarantia: The Aquilonian ******* - Fixed the dialogue so that the quest resolves if and only if the player has actually told Varinia about her husband's infidelity.
  • Pyramid of the Ancients - The teleport altar behind Lord Atum-Keket will now be visible at all times.
  • Pyramid of the Ancients - Solving the quest "Emerald Eyes" will actually give emerald eyes to the Guardian Statue.
  • Tarantia Sewers: The Orphans in the Hovel - Quest now updates for the entire party after talking to Galeria.
  • Thunder River: The Kitten - The cat now correctly patrols and eventually despawns.
  • Wild Lands: Old Secrets - The password has been corrected in the quest journal.
  • Kheshatta: Wanted , The Blasphemer - Ashka should now spawn correctly.
  • Khopshef Province: The Slave Rebellion - The cage key will now drop correctly.
  • Khopshef Province: Blessed Caves - Anata's Key should no longer remain in the player's quest inventory.
  • Khopshef Province: Trapped by Lions - We have added a few new, interesting encounters. In addition, Lisimba now moves a bit quicker. The quest is now level 21 to reflect the surrounding mobs.
  • Tortage Underhalls: Players will now be able to re-enter Raboz's Cell after finishing the quest Gone with the Wine, but before starting on the quest Ruins and Demise.


  • Due to popular demand, we've forced some of our female Derketo followers to burn their bras.
  • Tavern patrons in the Armsmans Tavern should no longer play strange animations.
  • Deli in the Pyramid of the Ancients now looks poor, and possibly insane.
  • Spiders will no longer jump back several feet when getting hit.
  • Travel NPCs should offer correct dialog options for travel.
  • New and updated loot has been placed in the Catacombs!
  • Acheronian Ruins - The Pict Bat Shrieker will now patrol with pets. If attacked, he will keep spawning pets so that he always has 3 pets with him. If he leaves combat, he and his pets will resume patrolling.
  • Acheronian Ruins - - All picts now have a specified class, and fitting weapon to this class. Added more mobs.
  • Conarch Village - Removed a loop from Rhiderch, and Ryarm's dialog.
  • Commander Zoria's costume and weapons have been revamped.
  • Kalanthes will no longer stand on chairs in his house.
  • Kyllikki's Crypt - The White Hand Priests will now use their healing and damage abilities.
  • Lacheish Plains - Screamer Wolf, Wailer Wolf, Baying Wolf, and Whimpering Wolf NPCs now have the proper death and attack animations.
  • Oasis of Zaara - Lions are no longer easy to defeat.
  • Pyramid of the Ancients - The Master Torturer will no longer spawn multiple times in a row.
  • Tarantia Noble District - Lady Verde's Bodyguard now looks the same both when seen on the outside and the inside of the villa.
  • Tarantia Sewers/Catacombs - Putharjath should now have more interresting abilities.
  • Treasury of the Ancients - Corrected a typo in Thuthmekri's dialog.
  • White Sands Isle - Asapon will now correctly spawn at all times outside the Atlantean Cave.
  • Khopshef Province: Hamadi should now patrol correctly at all times.
  • Khopshef Province: Hidden Bandits will now dual wield.
  • Khopshef Province: "Fine Potions" Merchant Nekhbet is now easier to interact with.
  • Some bosses were using combos they weren't supposed to. This has been fixed.
  • Traders in Conarch Village and elsewhere should always be available for use.


  • Sunsteel Half-plate Vambraces now have the proper full-plate requirement to wear, and can no longer be worn by everybody.
  • Basic and Advanced Riding Training items will properly be comsumed on use.
  • Pyramid of the Ancients: The essence trap can now only be used within the pyramid.


  • Rhino Charge should no longer go on cooldown unless successfully activated.



  • If you go linkdead while in the middle of a random encounter at a resource node, you will now be able to log back in with time to prepare before your next random encounter.
  • Fixed a small typo that occured in an onscreen message when harvesting is interrupted.
  • Vendor bought resources have been reduced in price.
  • Added and adjusted drop rates of leather resources to animals residing in the Resource & Building playfields.
  • Droprate for all Wild Lands of Zelata animals have increased.
  • Droprate of Wild Dagga has been slightly increased in the world.

World DesignEdit

  • Several collision fixes in Massive PvP Battlekeep playfields.
  • Corrected a few areas where players could previously get stuck in the Tarantia Noble District.
  • Conalls Valley night time environment has been altered to brighten the playfield slightly.


  • Descriptions for Bandaging, Fast Healing, Mana Attractor, and Fast Recovery have been tweaked to be more consistent with actual function.
  • Added descriptions to a few of the more obscure potions in Hyboria.
  • The Combo Sequence Indicator should no longer get stuck when failing to complete a combo.
  • Hide my helmet/cloak options should work again.
  • Improved GUI Modifications to support the new PvP Consequence System.
  • Corrected the names of some chat channels to be more accurate. Added a few new chat channels.
  • The PVP XP bar can be toggled on and off. (Interface -> HUD)
  • Floating healing numbers over the character's head are back.
  • Fixed weird messages when teleporting in the massive PvP playfields.
  • The optional GUI component Combat Rose will now react to every keypress in a fight instead of just the first one.
  • Players can now use /<channelname> to talk to different channels.
  • Items will no longer show +0.0 to any stats.
  • A cause of flickering icons has been corrected.
  • Fixed an issue with building model requirements failing when the models were stacked in your inventory.
  • Crafted items will now display the "created by" name. (NOTE : This is a work in progress)


  • Removed the Miss Chance from Shield of the Risen.
  • You will no longer be zoned after speaking to a Feat Fixer.
  • Several combat related animation issues - such as sheathing and unsheathing spears, holding swords - have been tweaked.
  • Added a male animation for the dance_sexy_f emote, and renamed it to dance_sexy.
  • Many typos corrected in quests and dialog.
  • Fixed a case when the game stopped running after restoring from minimized state.
  • Some assertion failure, memory leak, and crash causes were addressed.
  • Black Castle: Player zoning rotation from Khopshef Province has been fixed.
  • Voiceovers should no longer continue to play when you zone into another playfield.
  • Shield of the Risen no longer displays its particle effects on hidden players (unless they're on your team)
  • Typing /channelname followed by a space and no other text in chat will no longer crash the client.
  • You will not be charged for resetting your skills unless the skill value is >= 150
  • Zoning from Black Castle to Khopshef Province will now show the Epic Mode selection box.
  • Fixed an issue where single player playfields would not reset.
  • The'Out Of Disk Space' error should be fixed.
  • Falling very large distances will no longer make you end up standing in mid-air.
  • Tortage: Fixed lighting in the Thirsty Dog Inn.

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