Funcom write these patch notes themselves, and I in no way claim them to be working at the time of patching or after the patch is complete.

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--Jack Ryan [1]


Update Notes - 16th of June

  • You should no longer do the loot animation while swimming.
  • Fixed a problem where certain high level monsters wouldn't spawn.
  • Now all spells can be cast with dagger and staff without problems.
  • When you train Basic or Advanced Riding, you will no longer be teleported
  • Fixed an alignment issue with quest indicators over quest NPC's heads.
  • Locking to raid instances have been fixed. All players participating in a raid will now be locked to the same instance instead of entering a new one after death..
  • Fixed problem that would cause the resource manager to download the same resource again and again.
  • Bonus spell damage now increases both minimum and maximum damage, instead of just maximum (average damage will remain unchanged).
  • Stat bonuses from items (strength, wisdom, dexterity and constitution) will now affect your character properly (Note that strength now directly affects your DPS, not your attack rating).


  • By popular demand we have added a new "Level up" sound effect.
  • Player Building tooltip displays correct predecessor information now.
  • Fixed some randomness in when you would see the tutorial popup flags.
  • Trading with another player will no longer cause traded items to appear in the incorrect inventory tab.
  • Removed the commandline to setting hotkeys since it was only intended to debug hotkeys before the GUI was there
  • The "usable items only" checkbox with traders should now work as intended.
  • The facemarking 'Freckles' should now work for new characters.
  • Minor issue with tradeposts and setting up items for auction has been resolved.
  • Corrected several animations for mobs as well as NPCs during cut scenes.
  • Increased the xp gained from group normal mobs and group bosses.
  • Players will now be able to experience the destiny event in the Field of Chiefs.
  • New voice over for some of the events in the Capture The Skull minigame.
  • More client and server crashes resolved.


  • Evadebonuses are now applied when you are being attacked from behind.
  • Players with Shield of the Risen will not be affected by secondary effects from combos.


  • If you drag a chat window with only one tab in it over the tab-bar of another chat window it will now be added as a tab to that window (inserted before the tab that the mouse is over in the "target" window).
  • When pressing enter the input focus will by default go to the last active chat tab rather than the selected "default tab". The previous behaviour can be achieved by checking the "Default Window" menu entry for one of the tabs.
  • Tweaked the areas you click to resize the chat window to make them easier to use.


Update Notes - 16th of June

   * All Assassin abilities which stack multiple times now have a stack count in the buff GUI.
   * All Bear Shaman, Priest of Mitra, and Tempest of Set abilities which stack multiple times now have a stack count in the buff GUI.
   * The targeting arrow should now be positioned correctly when targeting a horse, a gorilla or a mutilator
   * We have implemented a control to the options menu for how often background music plays. Tweak this if you wish to change how often you hear background music.


  • Guild Feats: It should now show a scrollbar.
  • Buff icons no longer get stuck on after teleporting or talking to an npc.
  • Resolved a GUI related crash when clicking on the bank (broker).
  • Fixed an issue causing buffs placed outside the currently visible area of shortcut bars to still flash when ending cooldown.
  • Whisper replies now always go to the chat tab you sent the original message from, in addition to the tab that is subscribed to the "Tell" channel.
  • Added some missing class icons used by the team/raid GUI.
  • Raid leaders now have an orange name in the raid GUI.
  • Removed an unused hotkey (Show chat config).


Update Notes - 16th of June

   * Hood of Jagged Barbs has been revamped.
   * Added new purple rare drops to world loot.
   * Conqueror Spear should now look the right size.
   * Cimmerian Hide Light Wrist item should no longer clip with arms
   * Khopshef Province: Treasures are now located throughout the province.
   * Average, Fair, Fine and Superior Meat will no longer end up in the quest inventory.
   * Crafting Item: Renamed item "Bloodsilver-studded Boots" to "Bloodsilver-mail Boots"
   * Hek'lar's Accursed Dagger will now appear with the correct icon in the player's inventory.
   * Fixed an issue with 'Darfari Armbands', they should be visible on female characters and have stats now.
   * Reinforced Iron Warhammer no longer goes into the quest inventory.
   * Prices of vendor bought food items have been adjusted.
   * Vendor bought tradeskill components have updated visuals.
   * The stack-size of building materials has been raised to 1000.


  • The weapons should now always appear sheathed in the character selection screen.
  • Potions: Fixed an issue with the stamina potion '[Old Redrouse]', it will now get consumed when used.
  • The 'Nemedian War Flail' has been renamed to '[Nemedian Mace]'.
  • The Rending Strike and Rupturing Strike proc from some equipment will no longer linger on the target indefinitely.


Update Notes - 16th of June

   * Obsidian has been renamed to Feldspar.
   * Weaver quest line: Changed reference to Steelsilk to Gossamer Silk
   * Orichalcum has been renamed to Duskmetal.
   * Tigereye Gems will now end up in the resource inventory.
   * Skinning Trainer will now tell you were to get skins.
   * Resource nodes can now always be harvested while their health is at 10%.
   * All crafted Cloth; armbands, wrists, boots and belts can now be worn.
   * Increased dps on 'Swiftsilver Flat Bow'.
   * Skymetal Battle Crossbow, Moonsteel Katar and Moonsteel Ratchet Crossbow have all received one free gemslot.
   * The Weaponsmith Trainer now gives the cooldown warning for the tradeskill quest progression when the cooldown is in effect.
   * The dialogues of the Resource Gatherer Trainers and Crafter Trainers now check if the player has the appropriate feats set on them, in addition to quests. If the player has the quest to gather resources or craft, but has lost the feat that enables him to do so, the feat is now retrained (to the correct tier).
   * All crafted cloaks now support the equipping of gems.


  • Gemmed items should now work (giving bonuses) and viewing them should no longer crash the client ==> UPDATE: This issue has not been fixed with the latest Patch. We will provide you with more information about this asap.
  • Becoming a Woodcutter should no longer erroneously tell you that you've learned the 'Evading Roll' combo.
  • Harvesting: Script now keeps track of the persons that are using a resource node. This prevents the user from trying to use it twice and thus not harvesting anything at all.


Update Notes - 16th of June

   * Ice Cave: Ice worms should now attack correctly.
   * The Acheronian Warlord will drop bossloot armor again.
   * The trader in Lacheish Plains has been removed as intended.
   * Toirdealbach should now be a more fun and playable encounter.
   * The Catacombes: Necromancer Undead Warlord should now attack correctly.
   * Purple Lotus Swamp: Weaponsmith Ethi woke up with his height a bit smaller than what it was yesterday.
   * Villa Lentulus: Gurges the Nimble should react normally to players.
   * Yakhmar's Cave: Yakhmar should no longer get stuck if it cannot reach its target.
   * Kyllikki's Crypt: Kyllikki should reset properly when nobody is in her hate list.
   * Khopshef Province: Freed Rogue Slave should now use his weapons correctly.
   * Border Ranges: Greven, Histacus, the Nemedian Adventurer & General Zarathus will all drop Nemedian community loot again.


  • Monsters 4 levels or higher will now correctly have increased evade and immunity chance.
  • Resource gathering npcs will now display the '?' over their heads when you have the goal and items to return to them.
  • Princess Akivasha now attacks back when attacked in Sanctum of the Burning Souls.
  • The encounters in the Armsman's Arena should be less chaotic.
  • Demonic Pict will no longer try to cast spells at players without being able to do so.
  • The Quest NPC's for the Frost Swamp, Imirian Ravine and Oasis of Zaara have been shuffled around in the Resource and Building playfields to make it easier for players to spot them amongst all the other tradeskill NPC's


  • Movement speed of pets have been increased both in and out of combat.


Update Notes -16th of June

  • You can no longer be knocked off the horse from the front.
  • You can be knocked off from the side: more likely by monsters higher level then you and less likely by monsters lower then you. The chance almost drops to 0 if they are

grey to you.

  • Full chance to be knocked off from behind by monsters of higher or equal level than you. Monsters that are grey to you still cannot cause a dismount even from the back
  • Fixed a problem where advanced mount abilities were being given out by the basic training. Mammoth and Rhino owners - Please use /claim again. This will train the attack abilities associated with these two mount types.


Update Notes - 16th of June

   * Purple Lotus Swamp: Ladders should now work correctly.
   * Tarantia Noble: Armsman Tavern - Players should now be able to teleport into the arena by clicking on the door.

Khopshef Province

   * Numerous quests has been added to the playfield.
   * Freed Rogue Slave should now use his weapons correctly.
   * Treasures are now located throughout the province.
   * The Arax Queen should now stick to her spawn location.
   * Tweaked some gameplay; added more camp NPCs and roaming animals.
   * Fixed some areas which could be exploited.
   * Boat Captain Amyr should now have the [Khemi] tag.
   * The Traveling Merchant should now travel.
   * The Followers of Derketo should now patrol.
   * Ptah should no longer get killed by the Mantis.


  • The Armsman's Arena is now a private instance.


Update Notes - 16th of June


   * New buff counters were added to a number of mage and soldier effects.
   * All gathering feats should now have the correct proficiency suffix in their name (e.g. 'You need Woodcutting Novice to perform this action' messages).
   * The Goad ability can be trained and used on a NPC that does not have aggro on you. You must be in combat to use this ability.
   * The buffs from rogue general feats Concealment, Distraction and Mountaineer will now be removed from characters when they untrain feats.
   * You can no longer enter spellweaving when climbing or swimming. If you are hiding or crouching and enter spellweaving, you will leave that state immediately.



  • Contract of Protection, Protection of Set, and Runed Flesh now have 1 hour cooldown. While any of the three is active, the player will temporarily receive a 'Weakened Protection' debuff indicating if the maximum amount of absorbed damage has been expended until the shield refreshes.
  • The maximum damage Protection of Set and Runed Flesh can absorb before failing has been increased by 50%
  • The Archmage feat has been moved to the 2nd tier of the Mage general tree

Player CharactersEdit

Update Notes - 16th of June


   * Flesh Rot now applies a separate debuff for each player
   * Lotus Weapons now applies a separate debuff for each player.

Bear Shaman

   * Wreck Armor I+II+III combos now have improved visuals and sound.


   * You may now use Incite the Ranks if Fire Weave is running.

Dark Templar

   * Soul Barrier's cast time has been reduced from 3 seconds to 1 second.
   * Changed the Cooldown of Unhallowed Blight III to 20s.
   * Changed the Unholy Debuff to be 5% on all combos and changed the duration of the debuff to last for 25s.
   * Reduced the Mana cost of the following spells by 50%:
         o Aura of Dread Fury (Ranks 1 - 4)
         o Aura of Infusion (Ranks 1 - 5)
         o Covenant of Pestilence (Ranks 1 - 4)
         o Covenant of War (Ranks 1 - 3)
         o Covenant of Death
         o Covenant of Invulnerability (Ranks 1 - 3)
         o Covenant of Vengeance
         o Drain Life (Ranks 1 - 5)


   * Waves of Flame now inflicts more damage each tick.
   * The animation for the Demonologist-spell Unholy Hate has been slowed down a bit.
   * Resolved an minor issue with Demonologist spellweaving not affecting stamina potion effects.

Herald of Xotli

   * Resolved a issue with "Blood Pit" so it will always spawn if you successfully kill a minion with the "I Eat Your Heat" combo.


   * Vile Insight now gives the intended Unholy Specialization as reflected in the description.
   * Plagued Heart Curse will now correctly increase in damage with more feats trained.
   * Parasitic Soul Swarm now inflicts more damage each tick.
   * Pestilential Blast now has an additional skull visual.

Priest of Mitra

   * Resolved a problem with the priest of mitra spellweaving ability.
   * Repulse has had its base damage lowered slightly and contribution from bonus magic damage increased.
   * Cleansing Fire now has a slightly lower manacost and now scales correctly across all levels.
   * The damage bonus applied to Repulse, Cleansing Fire, and Lance of Mitra from Force of Will has been lowered to the correct amount.
   * The damage bonus from Improved Repulse has been significantly increased


   * The buffs from ranger stances Shattering Stance, Piercing Stance, Fire Stance and Sniper Stance will now be removed from characters when they untrain feats.

Tempest of Set

   * Brutal Lightning Strike should no correctly increase the critical strike chance of Lightning Strike.



  • Overreach was nerfed.



  • Fixed a bug causing the available pet point indicator in the pet list GUI to sometimes show 0 points available rather than the actual number.
  • Spellweaving can be cast and cancelled normally now.

Dark TemplarEdit

  • 'Mystical Bane' combo: The damage dealt by the Incinerate Ether component of Mystical Bane combos will now correctly deal 50% of the mana burned to be consistent with other power burn effects.

Priest of MitraEdit

  • Revivication Feat: The healing effect granted by the Revivication feat will no longer fail to trigger if the Priest is level 65.
  • Condemnation now receives a partial cooldown if the spell does not complete channelling.
  • Purification procs will no longer incorrectly apply a cooldown to Condemnation.


  • Barbarian's should no longer be unable to attack or move directly after performing any rank of their 'Savage Rage' combo.
  • 'No Escape' combo should now always give you a cooldown when used and you will always get disarmed.

Herald of XotliEdit

  • 'Fire Lance' combo now only needs 3 attacksteps to execute so it can be triggered faster. The combo now also hits targets a bit further away than before making it more effective.


  • Combo 'Throat Slash' has been corrected to be a spear attack instead of a ranged attack.

Tempest of SetEdit

  • Mark of Set now has the correct casting animation and effect for all ranks.


Update Notes - 16th of June

   * "Dealing with Dila": Dila should now attack.
   * "Hunting the Spider": Quest can now be completed.
   * "The Lost Scouts": Waypoint to Diarmad was fixed.
   * "Oasis of Zaara": Waypoints for quest were fixed.
   * "Flowers of the Snow": The flowers way markers were adjusted.
   * "Paetus and the Nemedian Crown": Waypoint for Armsman's Tavern was fixed.
   * "Rahim & Lord Camillus": had it's journal text modified to point to the correct location.
   * "Death to the Undead": Indicators for minimap were displaying to small. This has been resolved.
   * "The Mark of Acheron": Players will now be able to experience the destiny event in the Field of Chiefs.
   * "The Mark of Acheron": The Mark of Acheron is permanently removed when performing the Medallion Ritual now.
   * "Soul Chamber": If you die in the soul chamber you now lose the tablet in your quest inventory.
   * Added item rewards for the quests "The Honoured Dead I", "The Honoured Dead II", "The Honoured Dead III" and "The Honoured Dead IV".
   * "Destiny Quest": The quest rewards '[King Conan's Tribute]' & '[King Conan's Esteem]' can no longer be traded.
   * "The Lost Bottles": Wine bottles will now have a blue flame indicating you can interact with them.
   * Tradeskill Quests: You can now delete all tradeskill quests but not tradeskill progression quests.
   * Tradeskill Quests: Resolved various level requirement issues with the quests.
   * "Securing the Caravan Route": Added the correct waypoint for returning to Gua
   * In the quest "A Curious Encounter" in Field of the Dead Quest, Radi will no longer give the player an amulet.
   * "The Wolves at our Throats": Moved the waypoint for the location of the Wolverine's, for the quest .
   * Vistrix now drops his tooth for the quest "Master of the Silver Peacock" The player will need to DELETE their quest, and return to Kalanthes to get the quest again in order for the tooth to drop.


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