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Update: June 2nd, 2008 Edit


  • Fixed some more server and client crashes.
  • An issue which could make NPCs evade forever has been resolved.
  • An issue which could lead to pets become unresponsive has been resolved.


  • You should now receive feedback if you try to take items from the guild bank without having enough rank.


  • Items in tradepost now show stack-size.
  • Resources Gathering: [Cotton] and [Cottonwisp] have been fixed.
  • Kheshatta: Drop rate for Scorpion plate has been increased.
  • Fixed a grammatical error with Knarled Leather. It should now be named Gnarled Leather.
  • Boltshock Bangles are now properly classified as "Cloth Armor" instead of "Wrist Armor"
  • Thunder River: The quest item 'Smoked Meat' has re-received its visual appearance.
  • Field of the Dead: 'Fur of Bloodclaw' will no longer end up in the quest inventory.
  • Thunder River: The quest item 'Helvenia's Herbs' has re-received its visual appearance.
  • Sanctum of the Burning Souls: The boss drop 'Bloodtainted Hoop' will no longer end up in the quest inventory.

Massive PvPEdit

  • PVE Player city buildings should no longer be attackable.


Player CharactersEdit


  • Finishing Blow damage boost should only affect the first hit after the charge.
  • Thirst for Blood should correctly trigger it's stacking damage bonuses for you and your team.


  • Pets should not auto dismiss so fast when they cannot reach their owner.


  • Knee-Capping should no longer trigger Root Immunity on NPCs
  • Marked for Death should give the correct damage values for bow/xbow.
  • Marked for Death cooldown has been adjusted to 3 minutes like originally intended.
  • Critical Aim should no longer fail to execute in some situations.
  • Critical Aim duration increased to 10 seconds, but it will instantly terminate on the next ranged hit
  • You should no longer get messages about getting non existing abilities when training Eagle Eye.

Tempest of SetEdit

  • Triumphant Life of Set has had its total damage dealt per cast increased.
  • Triumphant Life of Set now deals the damage over 3 seconds instead of instantly.


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