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Massive PVPEdit

  • War Declarations: On a PVE server guild-war during the war period is now only applicable in normal PVP areas (i.e. The Border Kingdoms or the PVP mini-games). The system remains unchanged for PVP servers.
  • Resolved an issue with straight walls not taking damage correctly.
  • Resolved an issue with geometry that allowed people to pass some walls illegally.
  • Guilds who already own a battle-keep will not be able to claim another.

General PVPEdit

  • Resolved an issue with Melee attacks not always working correctly on the Totems in an Annihilation match.
  • The particle effects when a team captures one of the side points in an Annihilation match should be visible again.

Seruah encounterEdit

  • Increased the strength of Astral Force
  • Fixed a bug where the Seruah encounter wouldn't reset and terminate properly.
  • Seruah should no longer try to attack players outside her room
  • Fixed a bug which decreased the spawn rate of Seruah's adds.
  • Fixed an issue which caused Seruah to not use her "ripped from within" ability when she was supposed to

Chatha encounterEdit

  • Fixed an issue which caused Chatha to not reset properly.
  • Adjusted Chatha’s abilities slightly


  • Woodcutting: Black Soulstaff is now dropping somewhere in Kheshatta.
  • Woodcutting: Silvercarved Stave now properly drops.


  • Balko now defends himself more intelligently.
  • Fixed a collision issue in Xibaluku
  • Resolved an issue that could cause the mirror purification ritual not to start.
  • Blocked off the back of the Jal Kor boss room to avoid exploits.
  • Jal Kor Bloodbane is now a little more attentive to his surroundings, approach with caution.
  • It should no longer be possible to pass Balko without actually fighting him.
  • The Defender of Acheron now defends himself more intelligently.


  • Wild Lands of Zelata - Liniment of Pulchritude: Quest does no longer break if the player fails to wait while Adeonus is mixing the ointment for Juverna.
  • Wild Lands of Zelata - Lifting the Curse: You can now get the Leathery Scroll again when retaking the quest if you have accidently deleted the scroll.
  • Fixed the Quest "Devil's Pass" in Wild Lands of Zelata. The Enormous Bear will now spawn when entering the Area even if the first attempt failed.
  • Wild Lands of Zelata - Devil's Pass: Replaced Nestor's small radius with a normal waypoint.
  • The Maze - A Queen's Carapace: Quest is now correctly classified under The Maze
  • The Ice Fiend in Atzel's Approach will respawn more reliably
  • Yetis in Atzel's Approach seem to get caught in the Ice more often so should be easier to find
  • The Crocodile Retinue Picts are no longer standing around warming their hands on a nonexistent fire in the Slaughterhouse Cellar.

General ChangesEdit

  • Resolved a client-server sync issue that meant game-time incorrectly displayed as midnight when logging-in
  • Resolved an issue with erratic camera movements when using mouse-look.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause players to get stuck in the swimming animation when jumping out of water.
  • Xibaluku, the Cradle of Decay and the Slaughterhouse Cellar should all now appear correctly in the player search window.
  • NPCs will be slightly more responsive when returning from cc abilities like stun or knockback.
  • Resolved an issue with mouse-overs on the Friends/Guild members view
  • Neither players nor NPCs can abort the get-up animation during knockbacks anymore.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented the Spellweaving animations working correctly.
  • Resolved an issue with the master-loot option in raids.
  • Fixed a serious memory leak introduced in version 1.04.

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