• Charging a target while mounted should no longer cause players to become stuck in the knockback animation
  • Players who log out inside certain dungeons or instances will now find themselves outside the same dungeon or instance when they log back in again.
  • Fixed an exploit.


  • Field of the Dead - The quest "A Crawling Threat" can now be turned in properly.
  • The Slaughterhouse Cellar - Enough Seal Fragments should now drop from the Picts in the Slaughterhouse Cellar for players to finish this quest in one run.


  • NPCs that are seated when aggroed should no longer go into the knockback animation.
  • Cradle of Decay
  • The Lord of Decay will no longer run off during battle to eat one of his own minions.
  • The Lord of Decay should now also reset correctly.


  • Surberec should no longer regenerate to full health after his beloved Master Gaoler has died.

Thunder RiverEdit

  • Blood Fang should spawn at the correct location again.

Black Ring CitadelEdit

  • Seruah should now both reset and die properly.
  • Seruah should now properly use her "Ripped from Within" ability.
  • The spawn rate of Seruah's adds has been reduced.
  • Seruah's adds should no longer spawn after she has been killed.
  • The Chatha encounter has been toned down slightly. Chatha should now also reset correctly again.

The Dragon CaveEdit

  • Terrors of Tartaros should now correctly attack players.


  • It should now be possible to use Guild City Traders after fighting with combat dummies.


  • Architect: Heavy Lintel can now be traded.
  • Alchemy: Food recipes should again produce the correct amount of items.


  • The reset timer in The Slaughterhouse Cellar has been reduced to 4 hours now.

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