A list of current updates for Age of Conan.

MAY 4TH 2011Edit

The Ai District and the T’ian’an District are now available in the imperial city of Paikang. The two new instances, complete with daily quests, take the form of two separate outdoor districts of Paikang and offer a challenging experience for groups of players. The districts have been affected by the corruption and evil that has been spreading throughout Khitai in very different ways so the pace and style of gameplay vary between the two areas. The entrance to Ai and T'ian'an can be found in the sewers right next to the Insurrection camp in Paikang.

Read this article to learn more about the two new group instances.

Following up from the recent addition of new faction progression veteran items, Update 2.2 now brings major restructuring of the Faction progression. The intention here was two fold. Firstly to help smooth out and significantly improve the speed of faction progression, and then, just as important, to open things up, increase the rewards, and allow you to do more different things, rather than repeat the same thing again and again. These changes combined should mean that faction progression and armor acquisition in Khitai is now substantially easier.

With the current amount of repeatable quests you can potentially get access to more than 50 quests per day. If you are out of repeatable quests, join a new faction. In most cases you will get rank 1 once you have completed all the rank 0 quests.

For a full list of Faction Progression changes check the update notes below.

We have looked at all Crowd Control abilities and feats of all classes and made substantial changes to balance out their effects. The crowd control abilities have been reworked to improve the flow and balance of combat, in particular for PVP, and to try and make the combat more tactical and make the timing of these attacks more important. This is intended to open up PVP combat somewhat, while still allowing these abilities to be important in combat without them being too influential as we felt they had become.
Tweaks were made where necessary to duration, cast time, range, immunities or max targets of each CC ability. These changes also include an additional step for most combos which has been added to the starter step.
For a full list of Crowd Control and related combat and feat changes check the update notes below.


  • Faction given from quests has been increased substantially. The amount you can obtain from repeatable quests per rank should be more balanced. This should even out the previous differences between different factions.
  • All repeatable faction quests now have a 20 hour cooldown. This means that in most cases the repeatable quests can be done once per day.
  • New repeatable quests have been added :
    • Northern Grasslands, Rank 0 (must have joined the faction), Shadows of Jade, Gore in the Grasslands
    • Northern Grasslands, Rank 0 (must have joined the faction), Yellow Priests of Yun, War on the Children
    • Northern Grasslands, Rank 0 (must have joined the faction), Children of Yag-kosha, Rectoral Retribution
    • Chosain, Brittle Blade, Rank 1, Bloodshed in the Shadows
    • Chosain, Shadows of Jade, Rank 1, Carnage in Chosain
    • Kara Korum, Shadows of Jade, Rank 2, Revenge on the Jiang Shi
    • Paikang, Brittle Blade, Rank 3, A Balanced Blade
    • Paikang, Shadows of Jade, Rank 3, A Shadowed Victory
  • Some non-repeatable quests have changed into repeatables, again to even out progression.
  • The amount of faction gained from killing sided NPCs has been doubled (from 60 to 120).
  • Significant changes to Marks of Acclaim rewards were made. All faction quests now give the following token values :
    • Northern Grasslands : 10-18 tokens
    • Chosain Province : 12-20 tokens
    • Kara Korum : 14-22 tokens
    • Paikang : 16-24 tokens


  • Knockbacks will now use a resistance based system to behave like other crowd control effects. Some feats and items have been changed in this regard. This means that the worn armor type of the target no longer matters. Spells and abilities that would previously silently make the player immune to knockbacks now gives 100% resistance to knockbacks.
  • Some abilities and spells that purely gives resistances have been changed to be hostile so they are visible to enemies. These are: Stand your Ground, Running Shot, Excellent Balance and Ursine Bond.
  • Most abilities (Abilities tab) should no longer be affected by silence. Spells will still be affected as they always have been.
  • Priest and Mage classes will now also gain resistance to silence while under the effect of Recently Impaired.
  • Targets affected by fear will now also have slow movement.
  • The maximum Snare effect is now 60% Hinder Movement from a crowd control spell. Any additional effect will still stack on top of this.
  • You can no longer be Staggered while affected by a Snare.
  • All Root and Silence combos and spell will now grant the target a Recently Impaired buff.
  • The stagger debuff now has a unique icon.
  • Players that are feared while sprinting will no longer lose stamina as if sprinting under the fear effect.
  • Enslaving Fire should now break on 50% damage.
  • Column spells should now work properly in PvP
  • Replaced the general AA feat 'Charm Resistance with 'Stagger Resistance'.
  • Ranged combos now have a line of sight check at the end of the execution time. If your target has moved out of line of sight, since starting the combo, no damage will be inflicted.
  • Combo openers will now have a max cooldown of 10 seconds if the combo is aborted.
  • Most mobs, that are not tied to a group encounter, should now also apply immunities on players when using spells or abilities that include crowd control effects.

Mage Archetype

  • The middle tier AA Feat 'Charm Immunity' has been replaced with 'Silence Immunity'.
  • The AA Feat 'Transcendence' now also reduces the duration of Silence effects.
  • The CC breaker 'Ethereal Escape' in the AA tree now also includes Silence effects.

Priest Archetype

  • The middle tier AA Feat 'Charm Immunity' has been replaced with 'Silence Immunity'.
  • The AA Feat 'Divine Luster' now also reduces the duration of Silence effects.
  • The CC breaker 'Deliverance' in the AA tree now also includes Silence effects.


  • Curse of the Lotus is now classified as a fear.
  • Vampyric Nature is now classified as a stun.
  • The animations for Grim Corruption ranks I to IV are now all equally long.
  • Added an extra attack direction to Snap Kick - UP. The finisher direction is now UP.
  • The debuff effect of Impede Life will no longer stop the Natural Stamina and Mana regeneration on targets for up to 30 seconds.
  • Avatar of Death will now give 100% resistance to knockbacks.


  • Additional ranks in the Scatter Foes feat will now cause the Scatter foes combo to knock the target further away from the Barbarian.
  • Added an extra attack direction to all ranks of Clobber - LR. The finisher direction is now UP.
  • Added an extra attack direction to Earth Shatter - UP. The finisher direction is now UR.
  • Added an extra attack direction to Scatter Foes - UP. The finisher direction is now LR.
  • Added an extra attack direction to all ranks of Stunning Punch - UR. The finisher direction is now UL.
  • Ranks I to IV of Clobber now all use the animation from Clobber I.
  • Ranks I to IV of Stunning Punch now all use the animation from Stunning Punch III.
  • Redesigned the Berserker feat Paralysis: 'Augments the Clobber combo by battering the target's armor, increasing the damage the target takes from physical attacks'.

Bear Shaman

  • The AA Feat ' Ursine Bond' now also give you Silence immunity.
  • Added an extra attack direction to all ranks of Ferocious Smack - LR.
  • Added an extra attack direction to all ranks of Hinder Movement - UR.
  • Rank I of Hinder Movement now uses the animation from rank II.
  • The animations for Ferocious Smack ranks I to IV are now all equally long.


  • Added an extra attack direction to Batter Aside - UR. The finisher direction is now UL.
  • Added an extra attack direction to rank 6 of Overwhelm - UP. The finisher direction is now UL.
  • Removed one step from the rank 4 and 5 Overwhelm combo.
  • Ranks I to V of Overwhelm now all use the animation from rank V.
  • The animations for Batter Aside ranks I to IV are now all equally long.
  • The 'Overcome the Odds' ability will now also apply a visible buff icon on the Conqueror
  • The Lumbering Hulk ability will again remove existing snare effects when used.
  • Tweaked how Burst of Aggression works: "Empowers the conqueror's next melee attack based on their stance. In Frenzy Stance the attacks will knock enemies backwards. In Defensive Stance the ability becomes instant and the attacks will generate 10% more hate. When there is no stance running, the ability grants the conqueror both effects but with a minor delay."
  • Added Stagger Immunity as a source for increasing the damage output from 'One Last Push'.

Dark Templar

  • Shadowed Soul is now an ability, it can now properly remove any fear running on Dark Templar.
  • Added an extra attack direction to Dooming Presence - UL. The finisher direction is now LL.
  • Added an extra attack direction to all ranks of Mind Shatter - UP. The finisher direction is now UP.
  • Added an extra attack direction to all ranks of Mind Wrack - UR. The finisher direction is now LR.
  • The feated 'Invulnerable Soul' buff should no longer disappear when casting 'Covenant of Invulnerability'.
  • Clarified perk description for Void of Madness.


  • Replaced the Crowd Control effect of 'Hands of the Underworld' with a long duration Snare. Lowered the reuse time to 60 seconds.
  • Further ranks in the Wicked Bolts feat will now increase the distance the target is knocked back
  • Tweaked down fear and stun resistance values gained from Demon Heart of Chatha feats and cleaned up the Regen tooltip values of Demonic Heart.

Herald of Xotli

  • Roots of Hell will now add 20/30/50% resistance against knockbacks while any polymorph is activ
  • Thundering Flames now have a chance of also interrupting any combo being performed.
  • Resolved an issue related to loading graphics when a Herald of Xotli was executing a transformation.


  • Overwhelming Shout will no longer have a separate snare.
  • Stand Your Ground will now make the guardian and their team more resistant to knockback effets. Also while active the Shield Sweep combo will fling targets further away.
  • Added an extra attack direction to Shield Strike - LR. The finisher direction is now UP.
  • Added an extra attack direction to all ranks of Skewer - UP. The finisher direction is now LL.
  • Added an extra attack direction to all ranks of Stagger - UR. The finisher direction is now UP.
  • The animations for Shield Sweep ranks I to IV are now all equally long.
  • The animations for Stagger ranks I to IV are now all equally long.
  • Rank IV of Shield Sweep now uses the animation from rank III.
  • Added an extra combo-step (UL - starter) to all ranks of Shield Sweep. The finisher direction is now UP.
  • Prime Initiative now has a 0.1 second cast time, and its cooldown has been increased to 30 seconds.
  • Damage of Prime Initiative has been reduced by 16%.
  • Reckoning will now only be available at the end of the finisher of Disable IV.


  • Unholy Hands have been changed. This is now a Targeted AoE spell causing up to 6 targets to become rooted.
  • 3rd rank of Quick Steps will now cost Prowess Points and not Mastery Points, as intended
  • Dismissing Necrotic Bombs should no longer cause them to trigger Necrotic Pustule. Pets killed in combat or by the Necrotic Detonation will still trigger the effect.

Priest of Mitra

  • Exorcism is now an ability, it can now in addition to removing fears and silences from team members be used to remove any fears or silences running on the Priest.
  • Empowered Repulse (Divinity) will now increase the distance any target is knocked back.
  • Lowered the Mana Cost of Condemn, Inclusion, Avert Thine Eyes, Eye of Judgment and Repudiate spells.
  • The Divinity Feat 'Spiritual Warding' now grants the priest Silence resistance instead of Charm resistance.
  • Holy Accession will now proc off any blue heal (Wave of Life/Blood Flow/Life of Set) running on the Priest of Mitra.
  • Added Condemnation and Mitra's Searing Eye to the list of spells triggering Divine Blessing and updated Divine Halo's feat description.
  • You can no longer stack up Divine Blessing without hitting any targets.
  • Revivication will now also trigger Emanation of Life while other green heals are running on the Priest of Mitra.


  • Additional ranks in the Ability - Booby Trap feat will now increase the distance the target is knocked back.
  • Upper Attack Bonus will now increase the distance any target of the Linebreaker combo is knocked back.
  • If the attack is aborted, the animation is stopped, no damages are dealt, and visual effects on the target are canceled.
  • Ranger Traps will now have a 1 second delay on the ground before they become active.

Tempest of Set

  • All ranks of 'Quicksand' are now Hostile Self Centred Area Spells
  • Rousing Shock is now an ability, it can now in addition to removing stuns from team members be used to remove stuns running on the Tempest.
  • Puppets of Set is now classified as a stun.
  • The Spell 'Brain Spasms' in the Lightning tree now also has a significant chance to break Silence effects.
  • Eye of the Storm now grants the Tempest of Set 25% Bonus Armor for the duration of the spell.
  • Replaced the Lightning feat 'Visions of Hatred' with the new feat 'Empowered Wisdom': 'Increases the tempest's Constitution based on their Wisdom.'
  • Thundering Voice now also have a chance of interrupting any combo being performed.


Refuge of the Apostate

  • The progress bar when interacting with Tian-bai's Notes now have the following caption: "Retrieving Notes".
  • The Maze gate now closes shortly after being opened.


  • Fixed an issue that would prevent classes from getting balanced correctly in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where class balancing would sometimes favour people that signed up for a shorter duration than others.


  • Replaced incorrect ammo item in the quest The Venomous South
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the completion of the quest: The Chosain Conflict.


  • Lowered the esteem token prices of green armor sold by merchants in Khitai by approximately 50%.
  • The Potent Lodestone will now give the user a 20% resistance against being knocked back.
  • The Repellant Lodestone will now give the user a chance of negating a targets resistance against being knocked back. Spells with 100% resistance to knockbacks will not be affected by this item.
  • Simple Trophy Vessels dropped in dungeons are now blue quality items, like all other Simple Trophy items.
  • Trader of Fortunes: Decreased the sell price for Flask of Completion from 32 to 20 Mark of Acclaim.
  • Trader of Fortunes: Increased the sell price for the Receptacles of Simple Trophies based on the increased Mark of Acclaim income.
  • Boosted epic loot- count and drop rate for all Trial of the Godslayer events.
  • Brigand's Belt of the Howling Moon' is now correctly priced in Simple Trophy I's.


  • Guild city decorations will now properly appear again for new cities.
  • When you using the Postal Service, you will no longer receive the message "Unknown Recipient" when adding a space at the end of the recipient's name.
  • Fixed an issue where players using Hide and Path of Asura at the exact same time could get stuck, unable to move.
  • The AA feats Boil Blood and Unleash the Underworld should again be properly trainable.
  • Added the Icon for the "Enervating Equilibrium" stamina potion blocking hostile debuff.
  • NPC Moon Child pets now give XP and no longer receive crowd control immunities.

APRIL 12TH 2011Edit

Refuge of the Apostate

  • The 'Crippling Fear' debuff can now always be removed correctly.
  • Leaving the instance will no longer close the gate which was opened after having killed the first boss.
  • Getting killed at the same time as the Corpse-Waker will no longer get the Corpse-Waker to respawn.
  • Resolved some issues to prevent camera clipping in Tian-bai's sanctuary.

APRIL 7TH 2011Edit

Rumors have it that rogue sorcerer Tian-bai of the Scarlet Citadel has betrayed his master Pra-Eun and has started to mass an army of followers, presumably getting ready to attack the God-Emperor himself. He took refuge in a hidden maze of tunnels below the cursed soil of Kara Korum. Several factions want to see Tian-bai stopped and are sending able warriors and mages to take care of this task. But Tian-bai is said to have immense arcane powers that make him master of illusions and nightmares which can drive even the sturdiest of men and woman mad. And the tunnels and caverns that lead to his refuge in the belly of the earth are filled with deadly traps and horrors.
Update 2.1.8 introduces the brand new level 80 solo dungeon "The Refuge of the Apostate" where players will go against the illusionist Tian-bai and his minions in twisting tunnels and dungeons filled with traps and nightmares that will test both steel and mind of any foolish enough to enter.
Speak to either Pra-Eun of the Scarlet Circle or Sa-kota of the Last Legion to start your quest. Players of other factions might also speak to Tsaichin, a shifty woman who can be found in the village of Ghost Hill in Kara Korum.


  • The Annihilate ability will now only grant an increased critical strike chance on the conqueror's next combo, as intended.


  • Contraption Merchants in Armories now offer Khitai combo and spell rank upgrades in exchange for Campaign Badges.


  • Players should now always receive the minigame quests even if they join a minigame that is already in progress.
  • It should now be a bit more difficult to get interrupted while interacting with an object. The amount of damage is taken into account when the amount of push back is calculated. This means that it will be more difficult to interrupt someone with low damage hits.


  • Changed the music style for many areas that currently used default music settings.
  • Loot chests containing epic loot should once again animate correctly when being opened, and should no longer appear opened as soon as they are spawned.
  • Archetype combos will no longer be wrongly overwritten when gaining a level.
  • Players will properly get dismounted in areas where mounts are not allowed when they have Shield of the Risen running.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some clients to start the game in DX10 directly from the patcher
  • Resolved an issue which caused newly built city buildings and guild renown structures to dissapear upon re-entering the playfield.

MARCH 30TH 2011Edit

  • The time remaining on learning a new AA feat is now again displayed correctly. This should fix an issue where some players had AA feats awarded to them prematurely before the actual time had run out.
  • Resolved an issue which caused guild city and massive PvP playfields to create latency issues when starting the playfield.

MARCH 23RD 2011Edit


  • Fixed some client crashes and client asserts.
  • The grass should again show correctly in Purple Lotus Swamp.


  • You now again see a tooltip for AA feats that are in timetraining mode.
  • Time trained AA feats that completed while being offline should now again show correctly after login.
  • It's no longer possible to start time training on already trained AA feats, as intended.
  • The reduction in cost for AA feats should again be applied correctly.
  • Known issue: Time trained AA feats can in rare cases complete prematurely. This will prevent players from training other feats until the actual offline training time for the initial AA feat is completed.


  • Custom waypoints appear again at the correct location instead of the bottom left corner of the map.


  • Fixed an issue where resource nodes were shown as in use constantly.


  • Sentinels will now despawn correctly after killing a player during the Harbringer of Jang encounter.
  • Fixed an issue where Necromancer pets would cause high latency during raids that had heavy AoE content.

MARCH 16TH 2011Edit

(This is a follow-up update for the major Update 2.1.3.)

  • Fixed some client crashes and client asserts.
  • Fixed an issue where far away NPCs were rendered without textures.
  • Fixed an issue where high view distance would add a blue tint on objects displayed in low quality.
  • ATI X1900 series will now display shadows correctly.
  • Enhanced ocean waves video option is now saved properly.
  • Fixed an issue where leaves on trees would become transparent on ATI X1900 series cards
  • Fixed an issue where water would turn invisible when Enhanced Ocean Waves was on for ATI X1900 series cards.


  • Fixed and issue where some players could not learn AA points over time.


  • Pet names will no longer turn green and pet bars will no longer disappear when zoning.


  • When Resurrected by a priest, players will once again spawn next to the priest.


  • Fixed an issue where the Sentinels in Celestial Necropolis would despawn and vanish prior to the player's death.
  • Resolved a major issue which caused latency problems during raid encounters.


  • Fixed an issue where no XP was rewarded to some players in minigames.
  • Fixed an issue where debuffs would not be properly removed when getting killed in PvP.
  • The grass in the Totem Torrent minigame map should now be shorter again.
  • The Call of Jhebbal Sag: Fixed an issue where Curse of Flame could persist for the duration of a minigame.


  • The quest 'Wood by the Riverside' can now be completed again.

MARCH 10TH 2011Edit

  • XP and AA gain in raids and quests is now working again
  • Destructibles should take damage from spells again
  • Fixed the causes for some client crashes
  • Troublemakers in Tarantia Commons once again move out when they've reached sufficient numbers
  • Fixed Alternate Advancement tooltips displaying improperly when another window is displaying over top of them
  • Climbing points are now named correctly
  • Fixed an issue with the patcher not calculating download sizes correctly if it is interrupted during the patch process.

MARCH 9TH 2011Edit

This update brings with it a major technology update for the game as well as some new tweaks, adjustments and additions to the game.
New Veteran Rewards
Veterans will now find a host of new faction related items in the Veteran vendors. These items will help give veterans a boost for their characters when it comes to working through the faction ranks. This is part of the current focus on improving the faction progression in Khitai, which will continue in subsequent updates with a significant increase in the speed of progression for faction.
Improved PVP mini-game & matchmaking balancing
The latest twelve man mini-game has been tweaked to improve game-play balance, and the matchmaking queue algorithms have been improved to provide better balancing between teams.
Dreamworld Technology Integration
The major component of this update is of course the release of Dreamworld Technology Integration to the live servers. This upgrade to our proprietary Dreamworld engine contains various improvements to many of the game’s core systems but also many changes and updates to tools used by our developers.
Improved performance

  • Improved memory handling – optimised for 32 bit operating systems to prevent crashes
  • Improved loading times
  • Improved frame rate for most systems
  • Improved network and latency solutions

New tech features – rendering for both DX9 and DX10

  • Improved visual options for DX9 and DX10 clients
  • Godrays, tree wind and higher quality water simulation in DX9
  • Significantly improved performance in DX10
  • New improved Shadows using Adaptive shadow mapping using Multi-resolution filtering
  • New FXAA system from NVIDIA, Age of Conan is one of the very first games to get access to this new solution. FXAA provides highly effective edge smoothing, based on image luminance variations.
  • Improved Lighting, using a “light pre-pass approach”. This gives us the ability to render a large amount of lights simultaneously on screen, while maintaining both performance and material diversity. This also means that lighting in general is of higher quality

Improved tools for the developers in the back-end (back end stuff for us, but it means you will get to see some cool new content in the future as we have improved our scripting, cinematic and design tools). CLASSES Assassin

  • Fixed an issue that caused the assassin miasmas to have an incorrect cooldown.

Dark Templar

  • The feated 'Invulnerable Soul' buff will no longer disappear when casting 'Covenant of Invulnerability'.
  • Any Rank of "A Soul for Our Feast" can now overwrite Rank V of this buff, as intended.


  • Hell Fire Stream Rank 6 will now properly apply column damage.


  • Replaced the Tempest feat Stand Off with the new feat Stalwart: 'Increases the guardian's Hit and Critical Damage Ratings.'
  • Storm Blade rank 4/5 will now give a 20% power increase as intended.
  • Readiness will now properly reduce the reuse time of Overreach III & V, Shield Slam and Shield Strike.
  • Stall the Advance will no longer go on cooldown when executed while stunned or knocked back.


  • 3rd rank of Quick Steps will now cost Prowess Points and not Mastery Points, as intended
  • Fixed an issue where the necromancer's "frenzy" ability could sometimes cause an NPC to stop attacking


  • Clarified the tooltip description for Hunting Hawk.
  • Fixed the bow and character-animations (and sounds) for the "Deadly Draw" Ranger-combo.

Tempest of Set

  • Ether discharge should now return mana for every healed target


  • Fixed an issue where being knockbacked while snared could cause unintended loss of stamina
  • Fixed an issue with stagger immunity ending up on the wrong target when the target got hit by a sneak attack.
  • You no longer get the Exhausted debuff when you run out of stamina.


  • A player attacking another player of higher level will now get the “Aggressor” buff when a combo is only started but not finished, as intended. This will result in the attacked player not getting Murder Points when defending against the attacking player.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the nametags of low level players turning red when they attack a high level player. Low level players' nametags no longer turn gray in the middle of a fight they started.


  • Siege camps should now again have the proper mesh when done building.


  • You will no longer get Coward's Shame for declining a minigame or a minigame timing out. If you crash you will be able to rejoin the minigame that was in progress and doing so will remove Coward's Shame.
  • Minigames will now balance players on their class, prioritizing classes that have fewer amounts of players. Players will properly get balanced when joining a minigame that is in progress.
  • The conquest gui should now properly reset after doing a conquest minigame.
  • Your team will no longer be disbanded if all players of group 1 leave the group.

The Call of Jhebbal Sag

  • Reduced the chance of getting Jhebbal's curses.
  • The curse of flame now has a shorter duration and thus does less damage in total.
  • The Blessings of an Ancient god quest now only requires a single blessing to complete. However the amount of tokens have also been reduced to one.
  • Fixed a few collision issues in the map.

Annihilate Opposing Team

  • The minigame instructions now show when you enter the playfield, rather than when the minigame starts.


  • Players will no longer get their PvP kills and Deaths incremented in the taverns and social arenas.


  • Thoth-Amon's Stronghold: Rogues can now also use upgraded Khitai/AA ranks of combos in the tier 3 crafting encounter.
  • Players will once again be able to receive the demon blood when they kill the Dread Abomination in Cavern of Malice.
  • Leaving your group while not in a dungeon is no longer restricted to being out of combat
  • Restrictions applied when attempting to leave a group and when attempting to kick someone from a group are now consistent.


  • The tooltip for the AAFeat window will now close when the feat window is closed.
  • Fixed an issue with putting multiple item links in a message
  • Fixed an issue where a text line's formatting in the chat windows could affect the formatting of unrelated lines below it
  • Fixed an issue where you sometimes could not start the client in full screen when selecting full screen in the launcher options.
  • Emotes are now customizable using /emote [message]
  • The mouse pointer graphics will now properly update when you run towards a target while keeping the pointer on it, and when you are standing still and the target is moving towards you.
  • Fixed an issue where trading with a player who's zoning in would make item icons in the trade window not appear for the player who was zoning.


  • All classes can now use Quick Dismount while moving on a mount (not siege mounts).
  • Reduced the cooldown of Quick Dismount to 30 seconds for rogue classes, and 2 minutes and 30 seconds for non-rogue classes.
  • Players will not get stuck in the air when trying to mount right after dismounting
  • You can no longer use Quick Dismount while hiding on a mount.
  • When you enter an area mounted where mounts are not allowed, the player will now get knocked back and stand up instead of the mount just disappearing and the player continue to run. This also should fix the issue where characters kept the riding animation when their mount was already gone.


  • Veteran rewards: Veteran vendors now offer Simple Trophies, Marks of Acclaim and Imperial Insignias in exchange for Veteran Tokens.
  • When learning social abilities or paths you will no longer be told you learned a new pet.
  • The 'Spirit Necklace' item which drops of Zang Xin in Northern Grasslands now has a proper icon visual again.
  • Fixed an issue that caused several Ring items to randomly change inventory icons.
  • You can no longer buy the items for veteran abilities you have already learned, this is to prevent people for accidentally spending points on something they already have.


  • Removed an unintended mechanic where npc's would not step on the bodies of their dead comrades
  • Fixed death-animation not playing upon death while moving for various hooved mammals (buffalo, cow, goat, sheep, yak)


  • Social Pets: Increased the size of the Fearless Crab and Owlet social pets. The Fearless Crab now also moves faster.
  • Pets should now teleport to the owner more reliably when they get too far away from the owner.


  • The guild leader will now keep the guild leader rank when changing governing forms
  • Added a confirmation dialog box when changing guild name
  • Guild Event: The round will now end correctly when all players (other then the Ymir and the spectators) are frozen during Ymir's Hunt.
  • Resolved an issue where NPCs would sometimes appear below or inside a guild city.
  • Guild Renown/Quest: "In Remembrance": Minicia the Disfigured will now ask her fellow Khitans for help, as intended.
  • Guild Renown/Quest: "A Good Home" can again be resolved correctly by talking to the Expert Tree-climber.
  • The Mossy Angular Pillar guild city decoration can now be built correctly.


  • The quest "Hunting the Spider" now contains dialogue for Khitaian characters


  • Removed level restriction on the "New Player Help" chat channel, allowing high level players to participate and help out the new ones
  • Fixed many issues which should reduce the rubberbanding effect.
  • If you have a free feat reset, it will no longer check if you would have enough gold to pay for the reset.
  • Fixed some locations that were causing players to become stuck.
  • Corrected some visual texture issues in several playfields.

JANUARY 18TH 2011 Edit

Bear Shaman

  • Expanded Rune of Resistance and Expanded Rune of Resilience should not longer cause the two spells to reset cooldown on each other.


  • The effect of Bloodlust will only affect the next combo finisher, as intended.


  • All ranks of the Guard combo are now 1-step (Upper left).
  • Increased the chance of inflicting retaliatory strikes with Guard combos from 25 to 40 %.
  • Tweaked down the duration of the Guard IV combo animation (15% faster).
  • Replaced the animation for Guard V with Guard IV combo animations (25% faster).
  • Slightly tweaked down the duration of the Deliberate Reprisal (polearm) combo animation (5% faster).
  • Defiance will now have a 50% proc chance on hit when beneath 50% health, the heal effect is limited to once every 30 seconds.
  • Added 'Riposte' to combos affected by the feat Master Pikeman and corrected the feat description.
  • Lowered the cooldown of Lightening Reflexes by 30 seconds, to 1 min and 30 seconds. Effect adjusted to 35% Evade chance. The guardian will now get a hate increase in addition to a damage increase when the effect ends.
  • Added 'Riposte' and 'Bloody Vengeance' to combos affected by the feat 'Relentless Assault'.
  • Replaced the Juggernaut feat Brutal Overreach with Brutal Destroyer: 'Brutal Destroyer augments the Guard Destroyer combo by increasing the critical chance of your next Overreach, Titanic Smash and Dulling Blow combos for a short time afterwards.'
  • All Guard Destroyer combos are now 1-step (Upper Right) and also on a shared cooldown.
  • Increased the duration of Guard Destroyers 'Physical Ruin' to 20 seconds.
  • Increased the starter and finisher damage of Guard Destroyer III and Guard Destroyer IV.
  • Removed a damage proc from all ranks of Guard Destroyer.
  • Prowess will now also include Overreach III & V combo upgrades.
  • Readiness will now also reduce the reuse time of Overreach III & V, Shield Slam and Shield Strike.


  • When detonating Pestilential Blast with Chill, you will now get the proper fatality effects.

Tempest of Set

  • Expanded Glorification Set and Expanded Damnation of Set should no longer cause the two spells to reset cooldown on each other.


  • All Silences should now properly break on damage as intended.
  • Fixed a few CC effects that would not properly break on damage.
  • When a player is Staggered he will now also gain a temporary immunity for this, preventing someone from being chain staggered.

Jade Citadel

  • The lockout from killing the General should now be applied properly.


  • Destroyed buildings no longer revert to location objects while a siege is in progress.

Minigames*Increased the XP rewarded for The Call of Jhebbal Sag.

  • Increased ticks rate for The Call of Jhebbal Sag (every 10 seconds instead of 12 seconds).
  • Using /camp in a minigame will now mark you as a coward, just as leaving the minigame does.
  • The sound played when the ‘Join minigame’ window appears should be heard at all times now.


  • 'Blade's Gloves of the Hidden Tomb' will now have a chance to drop of the Royal Hatchling in Den of the Crowmen.


  • Vanir Avengers from the quest 'A Feast in the Making' will no longer spawn in minigames, dungeons or raid playfields.

UPDATES 2010 Edit

Official Update Notes: February 4th 2010 to December 21st 2010.

UPDATES 2009 Edit

Official Update Notes: January 21st 2009 to November 19th 2009.

UPDATES 2008 Edit

Official Update Notes: May 23rd 2008 to December 3rd 2008.

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