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An acronym for "Trading Card Game".

ToS Edit

An acronym for Terms of Service. This is something you agree to in order to play MMO games. See also EULA.

Can also be an acronym for the player class Tempest of Set in Age of Conan.


Short for teleport.


TPK stands for Total Party Kill see also wipe.


Teamspeak, a program widely used to communicate with each other via microphone.

See also Ventrilo.


Someone who keeps aggro of targets in order to protect weaker members of his or her party.


A basic skill that can passively increase the hate value, or aggro, of your attacks. The higher the skill rating, the greater chance that an increase in the hate value will occur on a given attack. This is considered an excellent skill for tank characters.


Teh is a misspelling of the word The. Teh is commonly used in internet slang.

Threat Edit

Related to the Aggro.


A player's character. See also: Character


Aggro'ing creatures as you run through them causing a very long line of creatures in your wake. This can be by accident, a by-product of another player attempting to escape a bad fight, or an attempt to grief.

Triple Decappuccino Edit

A legendary sword fighting maneuver that involves decapitating three opponents with a single sword stroke. It was first seen in the PC game Blade of Darkness, with the Barbarian's Hell Wind technique. Given the variables of weapon blocks, shield blocks, sweep range and arc, and the opponent's health levels, it is an understandably rare and complex feat.


Characters who are generally low level or just starting and are given the best gear possible to level faster.

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