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Short term for Assassin.


Spawn Kill - To kill someone when they res at body or when they enter a new zone.


"Situation Normal, All Fouled Up"

Perhaps more commonly, stronger 'F' words are used.


An acronym for Sanctum of Burning Souls, a level ~35 group instance.


Abbreviation for Screen Shot


All characters have a set of basic skills applied to their characters. These include, but are not limited to Perception, Bandaging, Renew Mana, Hiding, Climbing and Taunt.


A spell or skill that makes targets movement rate slower.


Refers to where you place points or attributes for abilities or feats within your character's class. Short for "specialization".


A Spell is the caster's stock-in-trade. Spells are magic incantations or powers conjured up by whatever game mechanism the developers allowed. Supposedly modeled after fantasy, myth and legend, spells do various kinds of damage. Spells are also used in many different ways depending upon which game one is playing.

See Also: Spell Weaving - Category:Spells

Spike LagEdit

Everything seems to stop for a short amount of time, then suddenly everything that really happened [while it looked like it had stopped] happens in a very short amount of time. This can be comical in games with auto attack/auto targeting (like WoW), but fatal in others (like AoC). see also Lag, Lag Wave

When grouped, it is usually essential to announce lag as soon as it is noticed, to prevent events from proceeding without full team consent. A team can easily wipe if some members are unable to act because of spike lag.




An acronym for Stamina, a character attribute.

Stamina is derived from Constitution and powers melee combos and special attacks much like mana powers spells. Some classes possess abilities and combos that reduce a target's stamina, thus hindering their ability to execute combos and special attacks.


Moving to a position that all targets or players are on-top of one another. Can also mean that multiple items can use the same slot in the Inventory.


An acronym for Shut The Fuck Up


An acronym for Strength, a character attribute.

Strength gives your character a damage bonus for melee attacks, and also increases the attack rating for certain specific weapon types.

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