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M8 Edit

An acronym / internet slang for Mate.

MA Edit

An acronym for Main assist. The main assist (MA) is the player in a raid or party who calls the shots on which mob should be taken down next by the damage dealers. The main assist's job is to have one specific mob targeted at all times until it's dead, and then to switch to the next target to be killed, whereas the main tank must switch targets frequently to keep aggro up. In many cases, the MA will sometimes also serve as off-tank which means he will peel the mob he's dpsing off from the tank (by taunt or pulling dps aggro). In five-man groups having a non-tanking warrior, this is common but not universal. [1]

Macro Edit

A pre-set of instructions that are automated to carry out certain tasks by a bot. These are usually against the rules in many games, especially AoC. Some conditions may be acceptable as not all Macros fit the above description, nor purpose.


Units of magical power that are used in many role playing, computer role playing and similar games as an expendable resource that is needed to pay for magic spells.

MH Edit

An acronym for Main Hand. This is the primary slot for one-handed weapons, but is of course also used for two-handed weapons.

ML Edit

An acronym for Main looter or master looter. A looting mode where the party leader distributes the loot to the group.


An acronym for Message of the day.


Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game.

MT Edit

An acronym for Main tank. The tank that is supposed to keep the aggro from monsters.

Also can mean Miss tell, or accidentally messaging the wrong person.

Mez Edit

An abbreviation for Mesmerize - a spell that keeps the target from doing anything for a short while.

Mob Edit

A monster, or creature that usually will engage you in combat, or attack you, or has the ability for you to attack them. Also known as a Movable Object, Mobile Object, or simply Mobile.

Mount Edit

A mount is a ridable creature that speeds up travel. See mounts for more information.

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