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Kb Edit

Acronym for knockback. A crowd control skill used by both players and non player characters.

Khesh Edit

Refers to the map of Kheshata in the Stygia region.

KOS Edit

An acronym for Kill on sight.

KS Edit

An acronym for Kill Steal, used when somebody kills a player or creature that you've been getting ready to kill, or have already damaged a lot, in order to get the loot.

Also used for Kill Shot. As in the last shot that kills the mob/player, or a one hit kill.

Kite Edit

Kiting means moving around to prevent an enemy to land any hit on you. That can be done by running away from the enemy, if you can deal range damage, or running around the target to stay in its back.

Originates from kit (kill in time).

KO Edit

Stands for Knock Out. As in the person usually dies, or runs out of HP entirely. This can be from multiple hits, but usually from one hit. However it isn't uncommon that someone does 2-4 hits and does massive damage (like 4 criticals in a row) and kills the person, would also be a KO.

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