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IC Edit

The acronym IC stands for "In Character".

Basically whenever you are role-playing you are "In Character". It is a good thing to note that when a person acts like a jerk or starts flirting with you, it may have nothing to do with the actual person behind the avatar, just how the character would act. It is wise not to become offended by anything someone does "In Character".

Also shorthand for "I See". (Most likely not on a role playing server)


An acronym for If I Remember/Recall Correctly.


An acronym for In my honest/humble opinion. IMO can also be used, being just in my opinion.

INC Edit

The abbreviation for incoming which is often used during a pull. Many players like to add a hotkey that will say "INC <mob's name>."

Instancing Edit

Playing inside an instance.

IRC Edit

An acronym for Internet relay chat. Check it AoCWiki:IRC for more information about how to chat with other AoCWikians!

IRL Edit

An acronym for In real life, meaning life outside the game such as work, family etc.

Imba Edit

Imba is an abbreviation for imbalanced that is often used within the realm of online gaming (especially on online message boards). It generally refers to a tactic or ability that is considered unfairly powerful.

InstaGib Edit

InstaGib refers to the act of killing a monster or player in one shot. This is usually considered to be imba.

Int Edit

An abbreviation for Intelligence, a character attribute.

Intelligence provides your character with mana and increases the magic rating for mages.

Inv Edit

An abbreviation for Inventory, usually the backpack you carry around with you ingame.

Invis Edit

An abbreviation for Invisible.

Invul Edit

An abbreviation for Invulnerable.

IWIN button Edit

Typically refers to a character skill or item which is imba by being so powerful, when it's used, the player using the skill/item almost always wins the conflict.

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