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G Edit

An acronym for Greed. Used to tell the rest of the party that you don't need the item that dropped.

An antonym for Need.

G2G Edit

An acronym for either Got to go or good to go.

GF Edit

Usually stands for Good Fight after someone winning a duel, or winning something. Common courtesy to say this after winning basically anything out of respect/honour.

GG Edit

An acronym which typically stands for Good Game and is used in either a sarcastic connotation to represent the (mini-)game being over before it actually ends or as a polite gesture at the end of a well played (mini-)game.

Can also be an acronym for Good Group or Good Going.

Gimped Edit

Usually describes a character with lessened stats due to a bug, or an in-game event that only happens once. Can also refer to a weapon, or armour piece being negatively affected by something permanently or temporary. Usually a noun follows this and that particular noun is to be 'weaker' in some sense.

GJ Edit

An acronym for Good Job.

GL Edit

An acronym for Good Luck.

GM Edit

An acronym for either Game Master or Guild Master.

The game master is an employee of Funcom who oversees the the servers, solving problems that players might have.

The guild master is the owner of the guild, by default the person who created the guild.


An acronym for Get The Fuck Out.

Can also mean Get The Fuck Off, as in "GTFO the chat channel".

Gank Edit

Gank or Ganking means to kill somebody where the other player has a serious disadvantage, such as being low on HP from a mob, being AFK, being a much lower level or if you are several people ganging up on the same player.

Going Red Edit

Refers to Korean based game. Like PKing, but your character goes red allowing players to kill you and take your gear.

Greed Edit

A loot option which lets your teammates know that you would like to have the item, but that your character doesn't actually Need it.

Green Edit

Can be used to refer to a lower leveled enemy in the context of Con or Color.

Can also refer to items being slightly magical.

Grey Edit

Can be used to refer to a much lower leveled enemy in the context of Con or Color.

Can also refer to trash items or Vendor loot.

Griefing Edit

Can refer to many things that is considered somewhat unethical in MMOs, such as Corpse Camping. Basically, doing anything and everything in your power to cause grief to the other player.

Group Edit

When players work together to accomplish goals, they are considered grouped. Groups may be informal like 'pick up groups' or PUGs or formal like guilds. There are several advantages to grouping, and difficult tasks may not be manageable (or even possible) without them.

GvG Edit

An acronym for Group versus Group. Means two or more groups fighting each other in PvP.

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