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Cap Edit

Short for capture. Typically used in battle-ground type mini-games where the objective is to capture strategic locations. Can also be used to mean 'an upper limit', as in "The level cap in AoC is 80" or "Defense Skill caps out at 250". It can also be used to mean capacity, as in "Raids cap at 20 players since they pulled presitge classes."

Caster Edit

A caster is a character that casts spells. Typically this is a character who's primary focus is on magic.


A person that one may encounter within the game. There are usually two categories of characters in online role playing games: NPCs and PCs.

CC Edit

An acronym for Crowd Control. Means to keep additional creatures from attacking you or the rest of your group. In AoC, there are several crowd control effects : stun, fear, root, knockback, snare.

CCG Edit

An acronym for Collectable Card Game or Customizable Card Game.

CD Edit

Short for cooldown. Some times a spell or an ability has a cooldown, which means that there's a certain amount of time before the player or creature is able to perform that spell or ability again.

CTD Edit

An acronym for Crash to desktop.

CU Edit

Internet slang for See you. Also CUL8R See You Later

Camp Edit

Camp or camping means to hold or stay in a particular spot for selfish purposes, such as camping a spot where a rare creature spawns.

Carebear Edit

Carebear refers to somebody who wants an easy game. This can include not wanting PvP, death penalties, travel times etc.

Char Edit

Short for character. A player can have multiple characters.

CoD Edit

An acronym for Cash on Delivery, a delivery method where the recipient has to pay a set amount of money in order to claim the contents of the delivery.

Color Edit

The color of a creature depends on their level compared to yours. The color usually indicates whether the creature is too hard for your level, about right or too low.

Con Edit

An acronym for Constitution, a character attribute.

Constitution provides your character with Health and Stamina.

An acronym for "Consider". Used in the same manner as Color

Conq Edit

Short for the character class Conqueror in Age of Conan.

Corpse camp Edit

Corpse camp or corpse camping means to camp at a spot where a player died in order to kill him once he returns. Since you will not spawn at the spot you died in AoC, this is unlikely to be a problem.

Crack Edit

Mana regeneration spell.

Cross heal Edit

Since healers are often targeted in PvP, cross heal is a way where two or more healers heal each other to stay alive, while their fellow team members pick off the other team.

Cyber Edit

Short for Cyber Sex - the act of performing sexually explicit acts using text over the internet.

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