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BAF Edit

An acronym for Bring a friend. Usually when a mob calls out for his friends to help him once attacked or at a certain stage in a fight.

Barb Edit

Short for the character class Barbarian in Age of Conan.

BRB Edit

An acronym for Be right back. Means you'll be back in a short while.

BRT Edit

An acronym for Be right there.

BW Edit

An acronym for Board Warrior. Reference to a player that talks a lot of trash on boards and forums, but can't back it up in the game.

Bandaging Edit

This is a basic skill that allows your character to quickly heal when not in combat.

Battery Edit

Battery refers to a Mana recharge.

Bio Edit

A term BIO originated from Lineage series and means "Back In One [minute]".

Also has connotations relating to "using the restroom." (Bio meaning biological in this case)

Bk Edit

Back, in AoC however this can reffer to the Border Kingdoms.

BoA Edit

An acronym for Bind on Acquire, also known as BoP. Means that once an item picked up (looted from a corpse or container) it's bound to the person that picked up the item so that he's unable to trade it. See also: No Trade

BoE Edit

An acronym for Bind on Equip. Means that an item is bound to the player that equipped the item, and that it cannot be traded afterwards.

BoP Edit

An acronym for Bind on Pickup. See BoA.

BoU Edit

An acronym for Bind on use. Reffers to an item that gets bound to the player once the item is used, similar to BoE, but usually a BoU item doesn't have to be equipped to be used.

BS Edit

A common acronym for Bull Shit.

Also, an acronym for the character class Bear Shaman in Age of Conan.

Also Term used for the profession Blacksmithing.

Buff Edit

A buff is a beneficial spell cast on a player or creature.

Buffbot Edit

This usually refers to a player or class that has a lot of usefull buffs, and uses a lot of time buffing others.

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