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Add Edit

Short for additional, meaning an additional mob has started or begun to, or will start attacking the player, group or party.


An acronym for As far as I know.

AFK Edit

An acronym for Away from keyboard.

Aggro Edit

Short for Aggresion or hate. A creature will attack the player which it has most aggro against. Can also be used for aggroing a mob, meaning you unintentionally got attacked by the creature.

AH Edit

An acronym for Auction House.

AI Edit

An acronym for Artificial Intelligence.

Alpha strike Edit

The first attack on a player or creature.

Alpha strike also refers to engaging an enemy with all attacks and weapons simultaneously; the attack is expected to be devastating (to the target) but costly (to the attacker).

Alc or AlchEdit

Term used for Alchemy a profession within AoC.

Alt Edit

This is an abbreviation for alternate, used to refer to characters on an account besides the one currently in play. Often used to refer to characters other than the highest-level character that a player may own.

AoC Edit

An acronym for Age of Conan.

AoE Edit

An acronym for Area of Effect. Usually a spell or attack that damages or heals people within a certain area.

Asn Edit

Short for the player class Assassin in Age of Conan. Sometimes also referred to as sin

Assist Train Edit

Reference to all the players in a group that assist on the MA's target.

Ast Edit

An abbreviation of Assist.

Avatar Edit

Is your character, primarily used for instructions or directions in a guide, or because it's shorter than character in times where fast typing is mandatory.

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